Runny, Sneezy, Pretty

April 16th

Tempe Spring in bloom

Tempe Spring in bloom

Tempe Spring in bloom

Tempe Spring in bloom

Tempe Spring in bloom

Tempe Spring in bloom

Tempe Spring in bloom

I wish I had a direct line of Benadryl this time of year, and yet the mild, rainy spring — and wildly gorgeous effect on our parched desert —  almost makes this itchiness worthwhile.



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7 Responses

  1. Are those poppies? Do they grow wild in Arizona? If so, I’m surprised someone hasn’t come along and ripped them out because of the opium factor. 🙂

  2. poppies are so pretty! i wish i could find some here in the city, but i don’t think anything is native to nyc 😉

    hope you’re enjoying the new job!

  3. I looove poppies! I did some poppies a few weeks back. They’re just so beautiful and happy! I”m fortunate that I have very mild allergies so there’s nuthin’ in the way of me enjoying this awesome AZ spring. Pretty pics.

  4. This is a bad time of year for me as well but I can’t take Benadryl.It raises my blood pressure too much. I just heard on a news show that female trees, especially Norway Maples are the worst for pollen. Guess what tree I have in my front yard, LOL…ciao

  5. We went to the botanical gardens this am. SO BEAUTIFUL! The scent of the blooming plants is also very nice. I’ve been feeling much better since I started taking Arizona bee pollen.

    The prickly pear in our front yard is blooming yellow, but I’ve also seen them in orange. I am loving all the color variety!

  6. Those pink flowers grow like weeds here too!

    Have you tried Zyrtec? Works good for my 2 allergy sufferers here!

  7. Allergena and I have become best friends…