Salty, Roasted, Dipped in Chocolate

July 23rd

Sprouting new buds

Matty cuts away his babies

Before brushing away to find the seeds

Cutting away the flowers

Gorgeous blooms

Sunflower seed harvest

Sunflower seeds!

I can add sunflower seeds to the list of things I now know how to “make.” We grew half a dozen giant sunflowers and the blooms are currently drying. I’ll roast the seeds this weekend and I imagine cover some of them in dark chocolate for a certain someone I know who loves such a treat. Not surprisingly, I underestimated the garden’s abilities. I could have planted twice as many tomato plants and three times as many sunflowers. Gardening, like fly fishing and knitting, is an exercise in patience. You have to observe, practice, observe, practice a little more and then maybe you have a glimpse of what it takes to be successful.

After spending time away, it is nice to come home and get caught up on the little things. The sewing machine is roaring — putting to use those gorgeous fabrics from Fancy Tiger — and the garden is ready for a new planting. One of my permaculture friends mentioned a failed pumpkin crop isn’t a failure until October. You can replant pumpkins in August. I’m going to do just that this weekend and see how things roll. Spending time outside with my hands in the dirt is as joyful as having my hands sticky with kneaded bread or raw from knitting rough wool into something useful.

If you are looking for something useful to do this weekend, please consider supporting Jessica’s work in Brazil. I’ve known Jessica for several years and can tell you she is single-handedly changing the well-being of extremely poor communities in this country. She brings the adage of “be the change you want to see in the world” to life.


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10 Responses

  1. YAY for pretty sunflowers and yummy sunflower seeds. Enjoy!

  2. Tina in Duluth July 23, 2009

    We grow sunflowers, too. After they are dried, I leave them out for the squirrels in hopes that they will stay away from the bird feeder. It is hysterically funny to watch them travel up trees and from branch to branch carrying a big sunflower, although the variety I grow is smaller than yours.

    How many growing seasons do you have?

  3. hi kelli, thanks so much for your kind support. it would be greatly appreciated whatever you decide to make for the raffle gift basket.
    let me know.

    love the sunflowers….yum dipped in chocolate.


  4. Those are big ‘ol sunflowers! I’ve planted sunflower seeds before and they’ve never grown. I think I planted the wrong time for AZ.

    Good you’ve got your garden helper there 🙂

  5. OMG! Those sunflowers are awesome, let me know how the roasting goes. I know that ‘a certain someone’ sure does love your dark chocolate sunflower seeds.

  6. Yup, there they are! Cool. (I’ve never seen them pre-packaging. I know…I’m such a typical consumer.)

  7. If you lived here… I would make you sign up for the Eco Undies class with me (at Fancy Tiger). That would be a scream.

  8. I have to admit, and I am a bit ashamed to say this, but even though my grandparents used to plant and grow sunflowers down the street from me, I have never seen sunflower seeds actually GROWING like this before! My naivete is showing, I know, but you shared something with me that I guess I just took for granted and/or was completely ignorant about! I saw the pretty flowers, knew the seeds were in there somewhere, and then liked to eat them when they were packaged with a hint of salt. Thanks for opening my eyes to the beauty of nature, once again! 🙂

  9. That sounds delicious! I’m glad to see you’re back to your gardening so soon!

  10. Hey Cara… how abut an update on Jessica’s work? I have a doll ready to ship.