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Letters for this week

Sunday I was in charge of Children’s Moment at church. The timely lesson was about giving thanks. I whipped up some Thanksgiving cards and we talked about the importance of being grateful. The kids went into the congregation and found someone to give a card to and then we worked on cards for their families in Sunday School.

I am a bit like Johnny Appleseed, but with correspondence. Johnny Stampyseed? Kelli Appleletter? Hmm… I like to spread it and make others write letters too. (My brother told me the other day he’s saved all the letters I’ve sent him since he left for college and there are more than 100. I’m a little crazy, I know.) The kids agreed — getting personal mail rocks.  They now know the secret too — to get mail, you’ve got to send some stationery love too. They were as excited as a group of little ones gets about a thinly veiled manners lesson.

November Music Mix

november 2009 012

I whipped up some music mixes this weekend too. Looking at this photo I just realized the Four Seasons song is a Vivaldi and it is Violin not Violent. Ha! Violin autmun, not violent autumn.

I think these might be my two very favorite things to receive:  handwritten notes and mixes of la musica.

Hope your Thanksgiving week is off to a great start!


5 Replies to “Salutations”

  1. I love my rubber stamps too! Not enough time to do it all! But just made chocolate turkeys and sent a few to a patient of mine who “found” me on Facebook! She was 12 and I was 22…and that was a very long time ago!!!

  2. oh i needed some peace, glad i stopped by.

    ps — a little disturbing how violent is in your autopilot directory… huh?

  3. Your hand-stamped cards are adorable – I bet the kids loved making them and their families loved receiving them. Add hand-written letters to the list of things to be thankful for this year!

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