Saturday Market

September 18th

Farmer's Market bounty

Without a doubt, Novella Carpenter has influenced me. I’ve been dreaming (literally) of chickens and a bountiful vegetable garden. This time of year, it is hard to drive to the grocery store without losing your mind from the persistent heat, so gardening is simply out of the question. Not for all Phoenix gardeners; there are the hard-core hippies who don’t mind the September sizzle. I’m over it. I absolutely am not spending another second outside in 100-plus degree heat unless it involves a fruity drink and stack of gossip magazines.

(What? She didn’t completely change me.)

Farmer's Market bounty

Farm City encouraged me to appreciate seasonal eating buy voting with my wallet. I hit the Phoenix downtown market this morning and spent a pretty penny on a handful of late-summer treats. These will be transformed this week into several meals.

Farmer's Market bounty

Farmer's Market bounty

Farmer's Market bounty

Farmer's Market bounty

Again, thinking of my future home in the making, I would like a large chalkboard in the kitchen to write what produce is in season and the corresponding gardening dates with what’s growing outside. If I took it to crazy-land, perhaps even a list of recipes to cook during the week that coordinate the two.


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6 Responses

  1. 😀 It was lovely seeing you there…

  2. I picked up Farm City from the library yesterday and am loving it. (I got it to take on a work trip next week but had to crack it open last night. It will be hard to save it for Monday.) I’ve been trying to convince my husband that I need bees, so I loved the first bit.

  3. Some inspiration for you here, including a chalk board, from a stay we had on an organic farm last year:

  4. I’m second in line on our library reserve list for Farm City. I can’t wait to get it! We’ve been lucky to have a mild summer, so I’ve actually had a pretty successful garden this year. 🙂

  5. And I so very much enjoyed the spoils, Kelli. YUM. Thank you for sharing your purchases with me 🙂