Saturday Roadtrip

October 16th

I needed some Fall. I needed Flagstaff. Located three hours north of Phoenix, Flagstaff sits at nearly 8,000 feet and is home to a community of earthy, happy people who I wish I still lived among. The weather is remarkably cooler. The food is fresh. The people are friendly. The air smells of pine and aspen. One day I hope to have a home in northern Arizona. For now, photos of a day of celebrating the changing seasons.

Sedona Phoenix sign
Rainy windshield
Ghost pumpkin
yellow leaf
Pumpkin butt
Fall foliage flying by
Um, yeah That house would do
Self portrait, Sedona


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14 Responses

  1. very pretty, indeed!!

  2. Sarah HB October 16, 2006

    Looks like a great day!

  3. What pretty red mountains!

  4. Roadtrip!! Great photos – I especially like the one with the mirror.


  5. Ooohhh! I love Flagstaff! I remember staying there MANY years ago on my way from Kansas to California and thinking they had the best tasting city water I’d ever drunk. I would move there for the water alone – the the sights, sounds and smells are pretty wonderful too!

  6. That totally looks like Telluride!

    One of our best friends lives in Flagstaff. I’ve never been there. Did you go to NAU?

  7. Oh man. I NEED some fall too! 🙂 Have you been to that vegetarian cafe up there?

  8. wow. those mtns are awesome! and pumkins, too, hope you got a 1/2 dozen to carve up.

  9. Ahhhhhhhhh, Flag. You know I love it there, too. Of course, I love it best when you and I can sit around Salsa Brava eating our taco salads and bitching like madwomen about our coworkers. Regardless, I’d take a day in the mountains with dinner at Beaver Street in a heartbeat, too. I’ll try to take some photos around these parts to fill your Fall void. I think I saw some leaves changing somewhere…

  10. beautiful! I love the pumpkin photos! Isn’t fall just the most wonderful time of year, *sigh* Now all I need is some of that cinnamon/nutmeg bread that you mentioned baking in my oven!

  11. Great shots! My only recent experience in Flag was going to and from the Grand Canyon with my out-of-state friends back in May. Flagstaff kind of reminds me of Mammoth Lakes or Truckee, in a way.

    I have to head up to pine country a lot more often. If anything to get some great hikes in.

  12. You. Must. Stop. Too. Jealous.

  13. great colors.

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