Scarf By Finny

May 11th

This post is the equivalent of all those who move to Phoenix and promptly adorn their homes with kokopellis. Nothing screams “NEWBIE!” like Native American metal imagery hung on the side of a house. (Except perhaps those who also add a lizard, rant and rave about Soleri bells and wander around a constant, crispy pink.)

Well. I’d say the same for the yahoo who stops to photograph a spring snow. Why run to my car when I can stop, twirl, try to catch a few flakes in my mouth, swat flakes away when they land in my lashes and then snap a few for giggles? Ten inches expected, with a winter weather advisory.





It’s a warm snow. Right? A snow that will just further water and not kill the gardens I’ve spent so much time and energy helping with this week?


Mother Nature — bold move.



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5 Responses

  1. What a change, from the Arizona hot to the snowy Clorado!

  2. What?? Snow in MAY?? 🙂 What an adventure.

  3. So pleased to see that scarf going to snowy good use. Though, I will say I’m surprised that’s going on in May, of all months. Though…it IS CO, I suppose. Enjoy it all!

  4. You look so fresh and happy!

    I hope you’ll find that your new house is better insulated than we found ours to be.

  5. Julia May 11, 2011

    I completely thought of you today as I was driving the kids through snow to one of their many activities and I thought, “How’s this for a nice WELCOME to Colorado for Kelli?!?!?”