Scenes from an Arizona “Winter”

December 2nd

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  1. Haha! Looks about like winter here in So Cal: unwintery! I’m sure there’s a nice biting cold though. We get the cold weather without the pretty scenery. Ah well.

    Hey, you have sprouts! Congrats! Oh man I love beets! I hope your veggies grow big and delicious soon!

  2. Oh, to have fresh, home-grown cilantro in the winter!

    I have lived in Mississippi and Florida (Miami and Tampa) in my life and never got used to it being warm on Christmas. However, this being my first winter in Nebraska, I assume I will be seeing the advantages of warmer climates in about a month or two.

  3. That’s it I’m moving.

  4. You’re making me miss Arizona! I loved visiting my FIL during Christmas last year, the weather was wonderful, we loved it. Great pictures, and way to grow garden!

  5. Nice garden. Glad you survived the holiday weekend!

  6. Ski in Arizona??? Great!

  7. Wow, I wish our winter looked like that. How do you eat your beets? I haven’t had them since I was very little with my great grandmother, we used to gorge on pickled beets together. I would love to make some for me and the girls but I have no idea what to do with them.

  8. Don’t little sprouts just make you so happy?

  9. Beautiful photos! I bet you’re excited about your garden!

  10. I’ll be living vicariously through you this winter…I wish I had little green sprouts popping up right now! I’m not a huge fan of snow.

  11. WOO! Look at those green sprouts!

    You’ll have a harvest before too long!

    Congrats 🙂

  12. It’s so strange to me that you can be growing green things right now – outside!! But how cool! I bet you’re excited to see those little greenies poking up.

  13. Wow, look at that garden grow! I guessed the last sprouts were cilantro!!! 🙂 That bougainvillea is gorgeous! Let me know when your beets are ready for pickin’ so I can share a veggies chips recipe I found online!

    BTW, is it cold enough to wear a scarf in AZ? If so, go visit my blog today!!!

  14. Larissa Stretton December 4, 2008


    Those arks are fantastic!! I’m sure you’re loved ones were thrilled to receive them!

    You are going to love your veggies. They will taste better than any you’ve ever had! Congrats on finding your green thumb! May you have it for many years to come!!

  15. Woohooo! Love the shots of your winter Arizona garden!!