Scrappy. (Now if I only had Scooby!)

Ryan’s birthday is this week and it presented me with the perfect opportunity to be creative and dig through the scrap bag. His nickname is Rhino and the boy loves to BBQ.

my rhino template

I printed a rhino out of clipart and used it as a stencil.

Rhino bbq mit

I created a large hand out of cardstock and used that for the mit pattern. With a bit of thermal lining and some heavy black trim, voila — a bbq mit.

CU of Rhino

Cute little rhino.

Also, I sewed up some scrappy aprons this weekend for a cooking group I participate in. These help explain why I regularly use my JoAnn’s coupons for 5 yards of canvas.

Thankful aprons

Do you get the same sheer joy I do from creating something from scratch with the supplies you have on hand? Whether it is a new outfit, a sewing project or a meal — I love going through what I already own and making it work.


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  1. OK…I am constantly in awe of your creativeness & sewing skills! Fabulous rhino mit & aprons. Hey, I did branch out & actually bake this weekend. I even took a picture to upload later so you’d believe me! LOL I made pumpkin chocolate chip brownies at mom’s & my fam loved them (they ate them all in a day & a half!) And…we won FIRST PLACE at the Trunk or Treat with our storybook jungle! So fun – everyone was like “where did ya’ll get all these toys, books, etc?” Mom knew her pack rat-ness would pay off one day!

  2. Nice rhino indeed! About the aprons, I have to say I like best the one with the rose, more my kind of thing, but you’re a master with aprons!!

  3. I am so impressed – I had no idea that an oven mitt was actually something one could make. And to do it without a pattern – wow! Love the way that it (and the aprons) turned out….

  4. I’ve been a lurker for a bit and had to comment about your crafting. I enjoy all your sewing and baking projects and love reading about your work. This weekend I too decided to get to work on some of the supplies that I’ve hoarded after using those JoAnn’s coupons. It’s a great feeling to actually finish something or even just remember why you bought that fabric in the first place.

    Keep up the great work. I find a lot of inspiration from your blog.

  5. The rhino is very sweet (can rhinos be sweet?). I also love using what I have, especially if it’s been laying around unused for a while. hopefully I can get some ufos out of the pile this weekend. thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. Oh awesome! And thank you so much for the comment you made about me on Catrina’s blog–that was a really nice thing to find. PS: I have not forgotten about your goodies. I started a project, didn’t like it, and am now starting over. That’s all part of this process though. Some experiments work, some not so much. Back to the drawing board.
    I need to find a cooking group. What a fun idea.

  7. What a great personalized gift! Those aprons are sweet – they almost look like a fall mantle swag up there on the fireplace. I love it when I can create from stuff I already have. One of my fav recent projects is a small bag I made for my youngest (basically a wristlet) out of a pair of overalls he wore as a baby. (he carries his gameboy around in it) I would never have had the idea if I hadn’t seen things people make on their blogs.

  8. I totally share the joy of using things up. It’s almost a compulsion in our house, and has lead to some distinctly un-tasty meals. 😉

  9. Could you by chance please tell me where you got that Rhino clipart? I’ve been trying to find it for ages. The original creator of my comedy group (Paperback Rhino) designed our logo using that image and I can’t find the original. Thanks!

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