Scrappy, Patchy and DONE

August 10th

CRAFT August


I completed the first 6 patchwork placemats this weekend. Good thing because the bridal shower was Saturday afternoon.

CRAFT August

CRAFT August

CRAFT August

They almost weren’t completed. Why, you ask? Because I sewed them wrong sides together at 5 am on Saturday after working late on Friday night. Bleery-eyed sewing does no one any good. The only reason these babies made it photographed, wrapped and delivered by 2 pm was thanks to the roomie. He took them out of my hands with the seam ripper and gave them back to me in ready-to-be-sewn-correcly stacks. I was in a bit of a fury when I realized that I’d sewn the completed patchy tops, the batting and the backing together incorrectly.Β  I was also running on very little sleep and a lot of Diet Coke. Thankfully, his patience saved the day.

scrappy placemats

CRAFT August

So pretty! And really the part that makes me the happiest is all of the fabric for these (and 4 more still waiting to be completed for chez moi) was out of the scrap box. Love it!

The bride was pretty happy too. Thankfully most of my friends are keen to my crazy sewing and hippie ways these days.

Hope your weekend was lovely, sweet friend.



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11 Responses

  1. What a perfect bridal shower gift. She’ll love them and set them on her table immediately, I’m sure. (And, I’m very glad to hear you’re finally making something for yourself to enjoy!) Those with a pretty vase of flowers will make your table so pretty!)

  2. How lovely!!!!

  3. These placemats look so cheerful and I’m sure they made a lovely shower gift. Its extra special that you can make your self a set to enjoy.

  4. They are really cool-looking. Another gift from your heart.

  5. Congrats to you for making it through that scenario without any bloodshed. You know how a similar situation in my hands would have turned out.

    Scary, that’s how.


  6. Ok I have to ask who is this awesome roomie and where do I get one πŸ™‚ LOL, just kidding my hubby aka roomie is awesome, but man I wish he did some of the stuff yours does πŸ™‚

  7. darling! πŸ™‚

  8. They are gorgeous! Nice work and what an AWESOME roommate!!

  9. Those are so cool. Glad you got them fixed in time (:

  10. Great project.
    And you’re my hero for actually pulling it off in time for the shower !

  11. omgzorz these are even cuter than I predicted!!! You are such an inspiration to this wannabe crafty diva, it’s ridiculous. A girlfriend and I are making curtains for her new condo pretty soon, is it weird that I’m more excited about doing that than relaxing in front of the boob tube?