January 18th



I’m working through my current stash of fabric in an attempt to use what I have.


I’ll be moving again sometime in the next few months — as it goes with renting — and I do not need to pack and haul all of these craft supplies. Yarn, fabric and books — they seem to multiply at my house. Some are even paired with patterns or sticky notes for the project I thought would be perfect.

How quaint, five years later.


This is the first pattern I’ve sewn out of Fresh Fabric Treats, and I like it. I skipped the gathering on some pieces and am glad. It is my first table runner and I wanted to keep the lines simple.

Perhaps I’ll graduate to one of the quilts featured; they are gorgeous.


Come to find out, step 1 of any new quilting endeavor should be: buy a new rotary blade. Makes a world of difference when your tools are sharp. New needle in the machine. Iron steaming. Piles of fabric and ideas ready.

Now, to stay focused.



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2 Responses

  1. Sounds like a perfect day!

  2. I wish there was enough time for all the ideas and projects we want to do. But such is the life of a creative soul. At least you had sticky notes and the project you wanted to do noted…sometimes I find things and I am what the heck was I saving this for! lol Love the table runner!