Antelope Canyon

Last week, we visited the Grand Canyon on our annual pilgrimage. We have hiked in the canyon each year of our relationship, and my husband’s love affair runs deep. This year, we invited some friends from Indianapolis to join us, and my extended family came along—including my card shark 15-year-old niece. The trip started in … Continue reading Antelope Canyon


{My fifth and final example of why the Indiana State Tourism board should hire me.} One of my personality quirks is deep, unbridled nervousness at the absolute worst time. It is a cunning emotion that runs me over. One moment, I’m fine. The next, I’m hiding in the guest room — sweaty with my heart … Continue reading Nerves


I’m not exactly a sports fan these days. I very vaguely keep my eye on golf, the Broncos and Olympic swimming. So I wasn’t exactly as in the know about touring Butler University. {where Hoosiers was filmed. who knew?} Come to find out, the way to sell me on a sports team is to tell … Continue reading Bulldogs!


Eli Lilly is huge in Indiana. Their name is everywhere you turn, including the Lilly house, as seen on the grounds of the Indy Museum of Art: Easiest way to tell I’m still a desert girl at heart? I fall all over myself taking photos of lush, green gardens. It felt a bit like a … Continue reading Lilly