September 26th


Seasonal eating is tricky; it’s hard to walk away from bananas, kiwi and avocados —  knowing full-well these gems have traveled legions to reach my plate. I’ve become accustomed to sushi, ceviche, pineapple and maple syrup whenever and wherever I want them. This is the American life. And this is what is so very wrong with the marketplace.

But I’m trying. Little by little, I’m transforming my suburban American consume-first-think-second ways.

Fig salad

Like making salad with as many locally grown seasonal items as possible. It isn’t a perfect science, but it’s getting better.

kale for the lasagna

Kale from the farmers market turned into veggie lasagna.


End-of-summer market fruit turned into a tasty appetizer with locally made goat cheese.


I’m not sure these figs are in season. Or were grown in Phoenix. I’d guess neither are true. But I do know for certain that I’m contemplating my next garden and ready to dive into a more sustainable living.

Little by little, the bird makes its nest.

This weekend’s Phoenix Permaculture pancake breakfast was a huge hit. We had more than 100 people attend, learn about harvesting desert plants for food and enjoy a hearty breakfast. Thank you to everyone who attended. I am so very pleased by the support we received!


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  1. It is tricky. There are so many benefits to eating local, but it is also nice to consider the benefits of having a global economy that we can tap into for specialty items (not talking about who can grow grain the cheapest, but items that are truly specific to a region or country, and that would actually be more costly if somebody tried to grow in their hometown just to say they were grown locally i.e. bananas). It is hard to find that balance of supporting local producers, minimizing travel costs, etc., but not isolating ourselves from the rest of the world…

  2. Damn, I was going to ask where you found the figs! I’ve seen them show up for a couple weeks in early summer at the Roadrunner market, but they’re so short-lived and I missed them this year. I really wanted to go to the PPG thing but we were out of town this weekend. I’m glad it was a hit!

  3. Kelli,
    I think you will like this short video by Mario Batali on eating seasonally.

  4. When my fig tree was alive I once got a second harvest in September, so they could be local. It is possible.

  5. I’m working on this, too. It’s two steps forward, one back for me. I refuse to go back to maple-flavored syrup and don’t mind paying extra for the real deal from Vermont (knowing that I’m paying for big oil as well…), but I’m getting better at eating local and seasonal. I’m stuck on bananas and juice. I’ll keep trying!

  6. I’m so glad that the pancake breakfast went well!