August 9th

A few shots from a photo walk before the wedding’s rehearsal dinner at Pike Place Brewery:

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

Alley graffiti

Wall of wishing gum

Gum wishes


Street sculpture





Sail boats!

Pike Place Market:: Graffiti:: Gum Wishing Wall:: Wall Sconce:: Street Sculpture:: Post Alley Folk:: Fountain:: Bus:: Sail Boats


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7 Responses

  1. Oh Kelli! What an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing!

  2. <3 Seattle! I have family there, and it is such a lovely city. I have never seen that gum wishing wall though! Ewww, and cool, at the same time. LOL.

  3. Love your photos!

  4. Love this collection of photos, Kelli.

  5. Great photos! I like the look of the gum wishing wall but the idea is kinda gross. Love the sconce and the fountain.

  6. All that gum is NAST-Y ::shudders::

  7. Tina in Santa Monica August 17, 2010

    Kelli-Where did you stay and would you recommend it?