Secret Vegetables


sauteed onions and garlic make life better

My brother and his girlfriend came over for my first Heirloom Homestead dinner party this week. We celebrated Jess’ 23rd birthday. (Yeah. Not only is she pretty, but she’s young too.)

Mmm... brains! (okay, cauliflower)

Her favorite meal, per Cody is “alfredo with white wine and snickerdoodles.” The cookies didn’t happen, but the rest did. And because I’m trying to do this paleo way of eating, I knew I’d need more than just sauce. So, I steamed some cauliflower and blended it into the sauce, along with sauteed garlic and onions, to both make the pasta sauce thicker and more substantive. With chicken and a big spinach salad, it wasn’t a bad meal.

Cauliflower puree

(Yeah. I didn’t make the alfredo sauce. I don’t normally eat this way, but I was out of time and this was handy.)

Chicken, cauliflower alfredo

I nearly got away with sneaking the vegetables into the sauce without Cody knowing; alas, they showed up 15 minutes early and the hungry bear paced in the kitchen watching my every move. Thankfully, they were both too hungry to complain and seemed to like the dinner. I know they liked the mint chocolate chip for dessert.

I’m still dreaming of a big picnic table under that giant tree in the backyard for some summer BBQs. Soon.


5 Replies to “Secret Vegetables”

  1. I am doing Paleo too! It has been about two months. Yippee for being cavemen in California and Colorado.

    I am going to come visit you this winter (I am inviting myself). We’ll probably be dragging our knuckles on the ground by then. HOT!

  2. I’m sure they were there more for the pleasure of your company than to eat your dinner. But I wouldn’t have complaned neither…..

  3. Wow, nothing like inviting somebody over to celebrate her birthday and then forcing your dietary choices on her! That “alfredo” looks like a pile of nasty glop.

  4. You could try oven roasting the cauliflower next time.. it looks like you steamed it? Oven-roasting would incorporate a delicious carmelized taste.. I sometimes think steaming it can water down the yummy taste too much..

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