Segundo Pajaro

May 27th

birdie sling #2
peek inside the birdie sling
birdie sling, uc
green birdie sling

Amy Butler birdie sling #2, in home decor weight fabrics and canvas.
Pattern modifications: I did not use interfacing, but instead opted for canvas for the top panels and handle. I did not use the interior pocket pieces, but instead created a smaller, divided version. I still haven’t mastered the gusset technique, but for a great example of someone who has, check out this beauty.

Birdie bag #2 is off as a gift to a coworker. I’m making myself one of these, along with that skirt, this week sometime to jazz up my otherwise drab travel fashion.


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24 Responses

  1. This color combo is really cute – I love how these are coming out! Nice work, Donk.

  2. Beatuiful. The canvas and green fabric look really nice together. You will be quite the fashionable travler with your new bag and skirt!

  3. Great job! Cuteness. :o)

  4. Very cute!!!!

  5. Great looking bag Kelli! You and June have both sewn great bags from this pattern.

  6. This bag is wonderful! So, sew, so creative! I just love it, and the color is gorgeous. You are becoming quite the designer, Kelli!

  7. That turned out great — I LOVE the fabrics!!
    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the skirt……..

  8. Kelli, I absolutely love the fabric print you used and the idea of using canvas makes for a nice strong bag as well as working as a contrast to the print. What great gifts these make. Thank you so much for your kind words about my own version of this bag.

  9. i just used this same fabric to make a bag for my dance teacher! although, yours would win were it a contest 🙂

  10. That’s a very stylish bag- I love the fabrics you’ve put together x

  11. I just love the result of your efforts, great bag!

  12. You have become quite the “sewing machine” lately! I’m amazed by all you do. Nice work, nice fabric.

  13. So pretty! Your sewing is looking fantastic! I think this is one of my favorites so far — no, I take that back. My favorite is the one you sent me with the Giraffes 🙂

  14. now THAT is a gorgeous bag! i want! 😉

  15. that is one of the best things you have made yet! awesome fabric combo and nice stitching. you have to make yourself one asap!

  16. gorgeous, i love it! i’m sure your co-worker will use this bag to death!

  17. Soooo gorgeous!!! The canvas looks great, especially with the green fabric you used (green is my favorite color these days). I really love it. Now if my pattern would ever be delivered…

  18. love pajaro numero dos! pretty green botanical

  19. Very nice! I love the green fabric with the solid canvas. Makes everything pop. I can’t wait to try the pattern myself.

  20. I think this is my favorite handbag yet.

  21. Oh Kellie, your new bag is gorgeous. Love the style and fabrics.

  22. Super cute bag Kelli! Love it, very pretty.

  23. Gorgeous bag Kelli! Looks so roomy!