Selective Viewing

What I am looking at this morning, after a lovely week and a long, hard, beautiful rain yesterday:

beautiful travel journal
i'm that woman
queen birdie journal
Tuesday Journal Detail, sun
travel journal from Tuesday

This travel journal arrived from Tuesday; the handstitching and detail are unreal. I just love it! Thank you Tuesday! I can’t wait to plan a new trip (Cabo? Portland?) to record among these pages.

What I am selectively not looking at this weekend? The leaks in my roof that are dripping small pools of water around my house. Yep. Two weeks after getting my home repainted and the spackling fixed, apparently my roof wasn’t doing so well. Darn it!
Back to the holiday budget to make several edits — mainly in the “me” category. As in “two cute Gap tops for you, one for me!”

9 Replies to “Selective Viewing”

  1. What a wonderful travel journal and so perfect for you! It is a real shame about your roof and I hope the repairs are easy on your budget.

  2. wow that is pretty! sorry to hear about the roof though, we too have to replace some roof tiles. hopefully it’s not going to be anything too big for you to do!

  3. That journal is amazing and so you with the stamped lettering! Sorry to hear about your roof. Those kinds of things stink! Gor your card this weekend! Thanks so much! My postcard pile was enthusiastically started before Thanksgiving and then, I put it down and haven’t gotten back to it. Ah, so much for planning ahead. Hows the work out going? We finally got back to the gym last night after taking some Turkey time off. Not too bad. Thank God for muscle memory!

  4. I’m so glad it got there safely 😀
    I thought of you the second I saw it (except the cover was T-A-C-K-Y…so, what’s a crafty gal to do, right? ROFL

    THanks for the cards, both of them 😀 I got one Saturday and one Today 😀 Love them.

    Have a great Monday chica’ 🙂

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