Serial/Cereal: I know there’s a catchy title here somewhere

July 25th

I just listened to a report on NPR about the serial killers terrorizing Phoenix. Indeed, I’m a bit freaked out. Although, I really wasn’t until I heard that report. Funny how you can live in your own little protective suburban bubble until Michele Norris knocks you silly. [Tangent: does it annoy you that she pronounces her name “Meee shell.” Gah.]

So, there’s the two wackos wandering around the city, randomly shooting, killing and raping people. And then there’s the oppresive heat that is making those without air conditioning, even when temporary, rather unhappy. If this isn’t a tourism brochure for all those interested in moving to Phoenix in July, I’m not sure what is.

Current distractions:
1. Swam this morning and get to swim again tonight. Love that. It’s a double dip kind of day.

2. Knitting. Kay and Ann are smarties. Check out my ballband dishcloth:

Ballband 2

3. Sewing. Lots of totes to give away on the tour de South America next month.

4. Cooking. Um, notsomuch. Unless you count pouring the cereal into the bowl “cooking” this time of year.

5. Reading. It’s dry, but interesting. And way scarier than a serial killer.

6. Listening. I added many of these to my running mix. Nothing like a little Queen to get me hauling bootie on my morning runs.

La de dah, off to the pool. Let’s hope they catch these crazies soon.

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  1. I’ve thought of you every time I’ve heard a story recently about those two. Hope they catch them SOON.
    Aren’t those ballband dishcloths fun? I like your color combo.

  2. The name didn’t bother me until I read the spelling of it. In my head when I hear it I see Meeshell. It’s funny how radio can do that. I also hadn’t heard about the Phoenix serial killer although it brought back the scary memory of living through the Washington DC and surrounding areas sniper. Not a fun time. A lot of us just stopped going out. I found your blog through Soul Mama and love what I see.

  3. well, you know, phoenix IS the fifth largest city in the US. that you have serial killers running around is not surprising.

    do you swim inside or outside? i miss swimming. i’m just too lazy.

    i wondered whether that influenza book was any good. is it for work or pleasure? something i really liked was who gave pinta to the santa maria. it’s all about diseases passed around contact period and then some. really great. i think i still have that copy, if you’re interested say the word and i’ll send it your way… along with film. it’s on my list. promise!

  4. kelli… mmmm are you comming to south am√©rica?? when? where??

    here now it’s raining….:(

  5. interesting book – you should talk to my sister. she’s just finishing a phd in virology, and flu is one of her pet viruses. (weird but very true.) Thus when everyone is freaking out about bird flu I get sensible advice from her.

    And so the dishcloth obsession begins! 🙂

  6. that cd sounds so fun! don’t get shot!!!

  7. Sarah HB July 26, 2006

    Your washcloth looks great!


    We aren’t cooking either.

    I can’t watch the news anymore with Miss Hannah around….she is so freaked out by the Baseline Rapist that she sleeps with her door open, something she has NEVER done!

  8. Love the dishcloth Kelli! And your tie one on apron looks great too! The heat is just awful here, so I can only imagine how it must be there.

  9. I DO hate how Mee-shell pronounces her name. I kind always thought she was asian.

    Yeah, no AC sucks pretty hard core.

  10. scary serial killers! there was one in MD (DC area) a few years ago. we were living in Columbus, OH, then, luckily. when we moved back to MD, there was one in Columbus, OH. Luckily we managed to be living away from them both times.

    it’s really scary. stay safe.

  11. Mamacita, I hope you are running inside on a treadmill where it’s safe and not one million degrees. Hubby and I both have had you on our minds ever since he broke that story in our house (he is my main source of news). BE CAREFUL.

    If you want some more dry reading, I’m 3/4 of the way through “The Long Tail” by Chris Anderson. It’s good, for work reading. I’ll be resuming “me” reading this weekend.

    Oh, and Mee-Shell is an annoying little tart. That used to bug me when I lived in PHX. What? Is the normal pronunciation not good enough? Whore.

  12. One of my favorite things is handmade dishtowels. My friend Michelle sends me crocheted ones, or sometimes I buy them in Mexico. I love this design!

  13. Oops, I meant dishcloths, or washcloths (not towels). Something really wonderful about the quality.

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