Seventh Day of Christmas

Granola up close: Seventh day of Christmas

I wish for lots of opportunities to feed family and friends.

It is a bit of a selfish wish, I know, but I find such joy in cooking for others. I made this granola again as a “boy” gift for Christmas. This time around, I added lots of almonds, bran cereal, peanuts, honey, cardamom and vanilla protein powder. It smelled heavenly toasting away before I spooned it into more recycled containers. I delivered the last of these today. {It is a darn easy recipe that you can easily modify if you are looking for another gift or snack idea.}

: Seventh day of Christmas

On the same note, I am a volunteer for a local food bank organization. If you have the chance or the ability to give to your local food bank, they could really use your help. Food banks are currently experiencing unheard of shortages because of the subprime mess and waining economy. More people who used to be able to feed themselves and their children (and potentially their elderly parents) are now standing in food lines and going to the food banks for emergency rations. {The majority of people fed by food banks in the US? Children and the elderly. These aren’t people “milking” the system.} Food banks nationally are empty and in true need of help. Another thing — food banks can buy canned goods much, much cheaper than the average consumer can. Typically they can buy three times the amount of food a consumer can for the same amount — and they can use the cash to get the supplies they really need.

putting my martha labels to good use: Seventh day of Christmas

So, feeding those we love — including our neighbors — is exceptionally important to me this Christmas. Living simply, so others can simply live.