Sewing and Swimming

mini cheesecake

My roommate is moving next week to Canada and taking the five kitties with her. I’ll miss her company, although I am still not a “cat person.” Give me a Saint Bernard any day. I just don’t know what to do with cats, other than vacuum behind them regularly. I’ve thought about getting another roommate because the additional rent money is quite nice, but I need some time to sew. And knit. And do things outside of the kitchen. Next week the guest room will be transformed into my art studio once more and I’ll have to rely on the kindness of friends to feed me. I’ll be too busy with my Singer to mess with my skillet.

mini strawberry cheese cake

This week I’m busy making mini cheesecake for my neighbor, reading, hiking and preparing for Spring sports. Yesterday I signed up for $320 worth of events in March, April and May. (See? roommate money put to good use.) I’ll be competing in the Masters swimming state meet in Tucson in a couple weeks, a 2.4 mile open-water swim in Tempe, a few Splash and Dash events and a couple triathlons. With all of these events lined up, my workouts have become more disciplined and focused. I’m not just exercising because I love it but because I have dreams of winning the Splash and Dash series. And maybe the mile event at the state swim meet. Oh, that would be fun! Having swam in my brother’s shadow for nearly my entire life (you know, until he quit swimming and I just had coaches remind me ever so often that I was “Cody’s sister!! Is he still swimming?”) I am the one competing these days. The fact that even though he hasn’t swam in years and could more than likely still beat me in the pool in a sprint doesn’t bother me at all. Really. That said, I’d probably have to rescue him during the 2.4 mile race. I’ve always been more of a distance athlete. If nothing else, maybe that chip will fall off my shoulder during that mile swim. Ha!


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  1. Your races sound really fun! My new running buddy is trying to do at least one race of month, so I’m along for the ride. And I’m definitely doing another triathlon this year. Shouldn’t be too hard to beat last year’s time!

  2. Kelli those look so yummy. Can I have the recipe please? & good luck competing. You will do great, I know!

  3. You have me drooling on my lap top! Those look so good!

    Good luck with the swimming. Boy, that is something I still need to learn how to do. šŸ™‚

  4. Very bright, happy, spring pics! Looks delicious. I love outdoor recreation, but I never have really competed–I do it for fun. I do want to try a half marathon though!

  5. Forget swimming! I want the cheesecake recipe!
    Ha, just kidding, I like to hear about your exercise goals, it’s very motivating..Sometimes I wonder if my younger brother and sister get “Oh, you’re Betsy’s sister..” a lot..I think they might..
    But really..about that cheesecake..

  6. I’m glad you’re getting your space back, Kelli. The extra money is nice but there’s nothing like having your own space. Your desserts look ever so scrumptious! I’m so impressed with your activities. My big goal (which is ridiculous in comparision to yours) is to walk in the Arthritis Jingle Bell walk this winter. Accomplishing that will be a big deal for me in a number of ways.

  7. Did you just say, “a couple triathlons”?!

    Who says that? Craziness!

    Which “couple” are these, you big maniac?

    Also – good for you – you know you’re rad.

  8. What? The kitties are going, and NOT ONE PICTURE? (My cat has turned back his ears in feline contempt. You don’t know contempt till you’ve had cat contempt.) But lucky you, to get your crafty space back. I can feel you itching to get in there and create some Spring loveliness with something from Amy Butler. Have fun!! (And post pics!)

  9. Mmmmm. Recipe? Please? (And more power to you on the upcoming races. I’ll sit right here on my couch, being a couch potato, if that’s ok.)

  10. I’ll miss the food pictures, but if there will be new craft photos coming, I guess it’s ok. Good luck with all the events. I can’t wait to hear about them and see the picture of your first place medal for the mile swim. With your focus and determination, I’m sure you’ll make it happen!

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