Sewing for the Disney Fan

May 2016

Do you guys subscribe to Polka Dot Chair? I swear, Melissa’s sewing and quilting tutorials are some of the best I’ve read. Her ideas are fresh, she’s got a cute new line of fabric out, and I’m receiving nothing in return for this glowing review. It’s just honest.

She is creative and generous in sharing her ideas.

One of those recent ideas was a Mickey-themed earbud pouch. It shamefully took me way too many attempts to make this work. I didn’t follow her instructions, which was dumb. Mercifully this weekend, I had a bit of time to finish this and the corresponding tote bag for the Mickey fan in our house.

May 2016

May 2016

Another thing Melissa does well is emailing her subscribers. Her monthly quilt block project makes it more than worth it.


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