Sewing Miss Daisy

May 20th

embroidery flowers, cu

My first attempt at freehand embroidery. I checked out Kid’s Embroidery from the library, after a thoughtful recommendation from Blair at Wise Craft. (Of course, she actually got this book for her children, but it is perfect for someone learning the basics of embroidery stitches.)

Mini flower pouch

Another wristlet/pouch. This one was a gift to Mini, who celebrated a birthday this week.


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10 Responses

  1. Very cute! I love your fabrics!

  2. “sew” cute! i really love the colors.

  3. very cute

  4. Beautiful work! 🙂

  5. Cute! What a nice personal touch 🙂

  6. Lovely…makes me want to try. Always been a little fearful of embroidery.

  7. Nice work on the embroidery, Donk — lookin good! Also, reminds me I need to get some friggen tags for my makins. Grrrr…where’d you get yours?

  8. Michelle May 23, 2006

    awesome job at the embroidery, you inspire me to take out all of my DMC floss and use it.

  9. This little wristlet is my favorite. So darn cute!

  10. Perfect Kelli! I’m so glad you found inspiration in that book. And, let me tell you, even though that is technically a kid’s book in my house…it IS kept in MY craftroom for a reason : ) I love it too!