Shabby Chic Dresser

The dresser, in stages:

I. Dusty rose. Dirty.

Before + After: antique dresser

II. Stripped. New hardware. A lame attempt at bringing a “barn furniture” look to my bedroom.

Before + After: antique dresser

III. $20 of primer and paint later — a clean look.

Dresser, after

I am glad I was adventurous enough to paint a checkerboard on top. I think it gives this a little more character, without looking like a worn out barn.

Dresser, after

Dresser, after

I changed out the lamp and voila — a shabby chic dresser that matches my bed and keeps the colors in this crazy room to a minimum. (The walls are painted purple and orange; I’m renting this sweet home, and my painting commitment extends only to what I own.)

Dresser, after

I fought the urge to buy a new lamp and instead used something from another room. I love that big white beehive lamp — and I’ll use it more in my office. However, I know I do want to buy a new lamp for my living room because I’ve been swapping all the lamps around, and none of them seem to match the style of it, so, I’m currently on the hunt to find table lamps to brighten your living room! I haven’t had much success yet, but at least I’ve got my bedroom sorted.

Total investment in this project:

Dresser — free

Hardware — $20 at Hobby Lobby

Paint supplies — $26, including lining for the drawers

Time — 5 hours over 4 days