Shabby Chic Japanese-Style

February 2nd

Dear Finny,
Man, oh man, how I wish you were here. I need you, a pitcher of Ace Pear, a veggie burger and about four hours on the patio of Four Peaks. And of course, a cab.
Rather than drinking away this crazy week, I’ve taken to some Butler therapy. Me + In Stitches + a pattern June says is “easy” + a bunch of shabby chic fabric. And lookie what I made?

Kimono robe

It’s a kimono robe for a certain February birthday girl. I like the blue fabric, but am not so sure about the trim. And as for this baby being easy?

back of kimono robe

Well, June is a master seamstress and I am not. {Have you seen her latest projects? Talented!} This was my first sewn garment and the shoulders are a bit wonky. So, I just added a bit of recycled bias tape and a bit of extra so you can hang the sucker up. What do you think?

goofy model

While I was at it, I made a couple wristlets — because I’m a bit addicted and have that giant eBay zipper stash to go through.

shabby chic wristlet
recycled Africa pouch

This wristlet, I must say, is a fantastic example of recycling. Remember when I tried making those baby dresses from pattern? They were for baby Pia — the newest addition to the 6.5 family. Well, they were a disaster and ended up in my scrap bag — only to be turned into an African pouch. My mom ended up making the dresses anew for me when I visited at Christmas.

Orange dress
Daisy dress

Got to love my mama. She is so darned good behind that sewing machine. Speaking of, what’s the February In Stitches theme? We’ve also got to select January’s winner from the flickr gallery.
You sure you can’t come over for the weekend?


p.s. I bought the new Norah CD today. It is so, so good!

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32 Responses

  1. Oooohhh!! Nice. And I’m on pins and needles waiting for the February theme!

  2. You make me laugh, Kelli! I guess “easy” is purely subjective and dependent upon one’s point of view. I think most of Amy’s patterns are challenging but you can do it, Kelli–I promise. If you lived in Tucson, I’d help you and you’d say, “Oh, now I see what she means.”

    I am so proud of you for tackling these projects–they are lovely.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to whatever goal is set for February.

  3. Aaaaaa!!!! Those little dresses are so darned cute! And your kimono kicks. Love it. Maybe Ill get the Jam. project done tonight now that I have pseudo timtex to finish it.

  4. Looks good…yes, easy is subjective. I have found the Amy Butler patterns to assume the sewer can visualize “how” these things are supposed to go together because I find her directions a wee bit thin.

    The robe looks pretty good for the first time around.

    AND, practice makes perfect.

  5. Love the robe – been thinking that I need to make one for spring. I have a Fat Quarter Shop gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket.

  6. ooooh. that last yellow dress is especially darling. Love the simple style of it. And, the kimono and wristlets– WHO says you need a sewing course?? I, personally, have a zipper-phobia. Never tried it. 🙂

  7. I LOVE the kimono!!! Very shabby chic. I would love to do the lounge pants for our February project????

  8. Nice robe! Love that fabric. I made one of these in a stiff cotton, so it’s kind of, you know, stiff. Yours looks much softer and more comfy. And the bias tape in back is such a good idea! Might have to add some to mine so I can hang it up.

  9. What a wonderful kimono, I really like both fabrics together!!

  10. I’m a Feb birthday girl! Can it be mine..LOL
    The color choice is wonderful, fresh and cheerful.

  11. I think the kimono is just lovely! I really like the fabrics that you selected, and the way that they look together. So very nicely done…

  12. What’s the pattern number for the baby dresses? They are adorable!

  13. I think the kimono looks lovely. Such pretty fabric- good idea to put in the loop for hanging. I think that’s my fav pattern in the book -that and the loung pants. (but I fear to try it after glancing at the pages of instructions)
    The little girls dresses are beyond cute!

  14. Love your robe! I think the trim looks great! I also like your bias tape idea for hanging! You sound like me when I finished my robe, the trim just didn’t look right. I really like yours and now I really like mine too! One comment on the A.B patterns, too many details for construction! It’s nice to have so much info, but it really makes you think harder than you need to!

    Those dresses are adorable!

  15. I love that fabric – where did you get it? Great job!

    New Norah Jones is fabulous, I agree.

  16. I like the combo of fabrics for the kimono-styled robe. It’s very feminine without being over-the-top pink. 🙂

    Oh, and a tip that I learned from college — sew little samples using scrap fabrics of new techniques. This way you can practice on something other than your final garment.

    I like that you added a hanger tab. Very useful for hanging on the back of the bathroom door. 🙂

  17. Well, I’m not a girl, and my birthday isn’t in February….but wait! My daughter IS a girl, and her birthday IS in February… could it be???

    Nah. But it’s a pretty nice looking kimono, nonetheless, AK…

  18. Great job Kelli! Love that picture of you, too cute!!

  19. VERY cool! I wish I could manage that kind of stuff. Well done.

  20. Kelli, I am waiting with bated breath for the Feb. ABINSAL theme, you and Finny better choose soon before I have to make another 4 wonky CD holders. I love love love the kimono, the fabrics are great together. BTW, a little pkg. is being shipped to you today!

  21. Jennifer February 2, 2007

    I l-o-v-e (love, love, love) the wristlets you create. Each one is so special, quirky, fun, expressive. What I’d give for an ounce of your skills. 🙂

  22. My dearest Donk and of course Finny too,

    I wax poetic at the sight of your lovely lounging attire. I raise my, nearly empty, martini glass in appreciation of your ever improving skills with the AB instructions. I must say, I had a heck of a time deciphering her lingo during last months adventure. However, I am quite obviously alone with my limited grasp of Amy Speak. The entries in the January Document Duvet/Cd Holder challenge obviously show much greater talent than I possess. However, I shall rise to the challenge, and kick it up a notch, (oops wrong metaphor). My skills with Big Bertha shall improve simply by virtue of being in the company of such talented seamstresses. Jolly good fun on your and Finnys’ part to include all in this little soiree. The mind reels at the possibilities before one.
    Though I must say I did believe that the arrival of your letter signaled the beginning of the February Stitch Along. Do give a holler if I have misread the signs. I was under the impression that your lovely garment signals that February shall henceforth be know as the month of the Kimono. I wait anxiously by Big Bertha, for confirmation or clarification of what the heck the February project shall be.

    Scratches head while trying to come up with a clever name,
    Oh well, I’ll work on it.

  23. Beautiful, beautiful. Everything is gorgeous! I love the colors in the kimono.

    I still need to finish my January project. I’ve been working on a crocheted sweater for a friend’s baby shower coming up soon but it’s almost done!

    I have all of next Saturday free so that will likely be In Stitches Day for both Jan and part of Feb. Won’t be in time for January voting but oh well! Kimono would be fun for Feb but I haven’t looked at the pattern yet. I’m sure that ‘easy’ is a relative term!!

  24. i love the kimono! i have fabric for it too… all about the stash baby!
    to my horror, it is now february and i have so not finished the january project. not started it, actually, and not purchased interfacing. sheesh. so feb is going to be a 2-fer around here.

  25. I love the kimomo. I’m not sure I could tackle that pattern, I have trouble deciphering Amy’s instructions. I think I have a sewing disability. I thought Februarys thrme was embellishment?

  26. What?? They have pear cider on tap at 4P?!? Crap. And now I’m 2800 miles away. 🙁

  27. I like the yellow dress!! me too, I bought a cd, the new one from Leoreena McKennitt, beautiful!

  28. Love the kimono. Very pretty. Did you use a standard pattern or make it up yourself?

  29. kelli…love that shabby chic robe. the wristlets are adorable. i miss sewing when i look at all what all of you are doing. i am not complaining…the ocean front is just fine in the summer of bahia.
    i must get norah jones’ new cd.

  30. Hi, I just wanted the honor of being the 30th comment. Do I win a prize?
    Your kimono is very chic. Where do you find the time?
    I dove into fair isle knitting this weekend in the Stranded Colorwork Challenge and finished a lovely hat on a weekend trip. So, even though I don’t sew I am crafting over here as well, and living through your sew-along vicariously!


  32. you have been SO busy! look at all your gorgeous projects. i hate to say this, but the new NJ CD irritated me. possibly it’s cause i’m just in an ill mood today. maybe it will grow on me. have you heard the little willies CD? i loved her on that, but somehow, this latest CD seems kind of lame. sorry! i hate being that way. i’m sure it will grow on me. enough. no more apologies or pooh poohing things you like.