December 30th

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Gray is one of Mini’s sons and one of my very favorite people on earth. I can’t tell you how much I adore her kids. This one in particular always seems to make me laugh. Today, he says that if you have an extra second, you should check out Mozi Esme’s site. She published one of my essays on Mozambique.


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9 Responses

  1. Oh – Rubios – yum! Tau and I dropped in there on Sunday for lunch while we were out for a walk.

  2. Awesome, all of it is awesome. Especially the essay.

  3. A cutie pie with a fondness for churros – my kind of guy! I’m heading on over to read the essay…

  4. He is so adorable, Kelli! And I will pop over to the site you linked.

    Have a truly fabulous welcoming of the new year tomorrow night! I know the year will bring you much joy and happiness–you deserve it.

  5. What a cutie, and I LOVE churros too! I will have to check out that site tomorrow. Thanks. I hope you have a fabulous New Year.

  6. What a cutie! LOVE the freckles!! Lovely essay, too Kelli- you never…NEVER cease to amaze me, Amazing Girl! Hope your New Years Eve is Merry and Bright, and your new year brings all lovely experiences, good challenges to learn from, and never-ending creativity. All the best for 2009, my friend!

  7. What a cute little boy! I will check out that link. Happy New Year’s!

  8. A real sweetie! You too. Wonderful essay.

  9. What a cutie!