Shark Toofs + Roscoe

My friend Meg asked if I could sew her eldest son, Roscoe, a tooth fairy pillow. Specifically, he wanted a shark pillow.


He loves everything shark, and can tell you in great detail the differences between say, a Great White and a Wobbegong. Hint: Wobbegong are his favorite. If you ask him about these, get comfortable and have a tall glass of wine in hand. You’re going to be equally amused and stuck.

Of course I could sew him a shark tooth fairy pillow. I mean, I’d sewn zero prior, but how hard could this be? Come to find out it was not difficult. The trickiest aspect was finding a box big enough to mail the sucker.

(Consider size in the future, Donley. Teeth are tiny.)

When searching for a photo of Roscoe for this post, I realize how many photos I have of him over the last five years. He and his brother are adorable hams.

 Kelli and Roscoe


Meggie, Roscoe, Scott




The Cake!

roscoe 020


Visit with the Roberts


Visit with the Roberts


God, I love that kid. Really, I love that entire family. The Brennans are my family, too.
Anyway — shark pillow:

In process

Shark tooth fairy pillow

Happy teeth loss, Roscoe! Hope this guy makes it all a bit easier, buddy.


Auntie Telli


13 Replies to “Shark Toofs + Roscoe”

  1. Hmm… maybe next time you should send it unstuffed with stuffing instructions? Very cool shark – I bet Roscoe loves it!

    1. Yeah, Sarah. That is what his mama said too, after I’d called her from the post office to complain about mailing a shark. Duh!

  2. How fun is that? I bet he flipped his little lid, and now the Tooth Fairy doesn’t need to dig around to find the pillow. Win win (you know, if we’re not talking about the one ponying up for shipping….)

  3. Adorable! Really Adorable! Great pattern, and believe me, the tooth fairy will appreciate that it is big and easy to find!

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