February 8th

or you could just buy it

Thanks for all of your barley and kefir advice! I took some of my own and decided to buy kefir instead of making it from scratch. Essentially I think kefir is like super-yogurt. I actually add a bit of milk to each serving to make it less dense, but I get the feeling it is doing my tummy some good. I’m adding this to the weekly market list.

It has been a crazy week, full of fun adventures. I had a sound therapy healing session on Monday that was 100% new age-y and 100% fantastic. I laid on a massage table while the therapist played Tibetan meditation bowls around me for about an hour. You can feel the vibration from the bowls as you relax. See? Totally hippie, but groovy too. If you are open to new experiences, it is a great way to meditate and find your balance.

Also, saw this guy in concert Thursday night and he is the bees knees. He is sporting a bit of a Don Johnson Miami Vice look, but once he starts singing, oh lordie. He makes a mullet look sexy. I was melting in my seat. The Salty Senor had to look away at one point when I threatened to take off my bra and throw it on stage. (Particularly hilarious considering we were two of 30 people in a tiny jazz bar.) The bands were so good I was bounding with energy. I wanted to go home and write, be poetic, be artistic. My favorite line of the night was when a singer explained her break-up song inspiration: “I know I should have called, but my life is pretty awesome.” Ha!
SS now says he wants to take guitar lessons so he can say trite things and have a room of women respond by threatening to take off their clothes. I think I’d put on two bras to see that.

Here’s to a great weekend! It is supposed to be in the 70s here tomorrow, so I’ve got a much needed date with my long lost friend Ruby.

Be well,

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  1. The “two bra” stamp of approval is now permanently embedded into my lexicon when describing good music…thanks for that.

    My other favorite lines: “I’d ask for your number, but i don’t believe in phones.” and “She can’t decide if i’m a king or trash/ she loves me for the Johnny, but she hates me for the Cash.”

    I will be practicing guitar all weekend (except for bowling).

  2. A little story, prompted by your reference to Ruby.

    Last Sunday, I decided it was time for me to commit to bike commuting as a regular deal. I haven’t been running at all, still hobbled by a balky achilles from league, and I’ve been thinking about maybe riding as a substitute. So, I decided that Monday, Feb. 4 would be the kick-off date. I organized all my gear, packed my backpack with the real clothes I’ll wear at work, packed my lunch, and hit the sack on Sunday night eager for the new start. Monday morning, 5:30, and it appears to have been raining. Hmmm, maybe I should put this off. Nah, it’s not really raining, and I’ve got cool weather gear, no time like the present. So, at 6:30 off I went. It’s only 6.5 miles, so it’s not really that big of a deal. Of course, it’s 6.5 miles farther than I’ve ridden in three months or so, and it’s pitch dark, and slightly raining, but I get there with no problems and feel good about having been green for the morning, while getting a little exercise to boot.

    That afternoon at 4:40, I do everything in reverse, change from office clothes to bike gear, pack everything up and step out into … hmm, it’s not a whole lot brighter out here than it was when I got in this morning. I mean, that’s an exaggeration, but it does seem pretty overcast, and it’s kind of chilly too. Off I go for the ride back home. Within a half mile (just far enough that I’m committed to the ride), I’m being pelted by hail. The wind picks up and the hail turns to a downpour so violent that I can barely see in front of my bike. I’m instantly drenched, and I’m actually giving consideration to turning back and getting a ride from one of my colleagues. But, “it’s not like I’m going to get any wetter”, so I decide to just push on. What the heck, it can’t stay like this the whole time, right? Right. It can get worse. It can get colder, *and* windier. It can get so cold that my bike’s shifting mechanism freaks out from contracting metal cables and decides to shift incessantly, unpredictably, from gear to gear and back, so I can’t even trust my pedals. It can be so cold that it’s actually see-your-breath cold during every freaking red light I hit (and I hit the all) so I have to just stand in the freezing rain, steam pouring off my soaked clothing as my body dumps heat into the atmosphere. Worst. Bike. Ride. Ever.

    The next day, I drove to work. With the heater on.

  3. Oh! I had my first-ever massage a couple weeks ago! Fabulous. I now want to try a sound therapy one or heated stones. Cheers to a fabulous warm-weather weekend filled with outdoor recreation!

  4. Wow! Kelli, I just followed the link to the Griffin House site, and I can totally understand the bra throwing impulse! What an amazing voice! Thanks for posting this – I see a new CD in my future 🙂

  5. 70! How nice! It was up in the 30’s today and felt so wonderful. The sun was shining, and snow was actually melting. 🙂 Can’t wait until it’s bike weather again. Lucky you!

  6. What happened to winter? Is it gone already? It’s sunny and gorgeous here today too.

  7. You’ve really been having a good time–I’m so glad. I know exactly what you mean about feeling inspired by the musicians you were hearing. That’s how I feel when experiencing new music, discovering a new poem, gazing at paintings, and so on. It’s always so inspirational and a creative “itch” sets in.

  8. So, how was the weekend?