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Link love for the day:

1. Matt and Stephanie got word this week, after waiting FOREVER on a list, that they’ll be adopting twin Ethiopian boys! They are 2.5 months old and on their way to their new mommy and daddy. I couldn’t be more thrilled for this great pair! It will be fun to read about their adventures as a family.

{Sidenote: I’ll probably be writing about my own adopted African kids and our adventures as a family one day.}

2. Ms. Candace has joined the bloggy world. She’s a fellow Phoenician and an artist. Stop by to say hello!

3. Finny is suddenly speaking German. What in the world?

4. This Dude hosts community dinners every Sunday in Paris for the first 50 who reserve on his web site. Seriously. J’taime dude. J’taime.


10 Replies to “Show Some Love”

  1. I’m trying to convince my husband that we should take a trip to Paris for one of these dinners. I’ve already started looking at train schedules. πŸ™‚

    How exciting for Matt and Stephanie. I ran across their blog recently and am so excited for them. They boys’ room is adorable!

  2. Thanks for the link, Kelli, and now, for some reason, I am able to post comments to your blog–didn’t do anything different. Yay!

    I’d been thinking of doing a “real” blog instead of myspace and finding yours was the reason I actually did it. Thanks!

  3. Aww, man! Too bad I didn’t know about the community dinner, ummm 7-12 months ago when we were living in Paris. Oh well…c’est la vie!

    Speaking of France, here’s a great little french film “He Loves Me, He Love Me Not” if you haven’t already seen it…

    Happy weekend!

  4. Very cool. I had no idea about those dinners, makes me think it could be something fun to do here! Congrats to your friends. It seems like Ethiopia is a great place to adopt from. My dear friends children adopted a precious girl from there last year, and a friend of a friend adopted a brother sister pair recently. I look forward to hearing about yours in the future! Happy Love Day!

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