Signs the Codeman has Landed

February 16th

Cody was here2
cody was here1

My brother Cody is in town for the weekend. We spent much of yesterday together catching up. This boy can make me laugh like no one else on earth. His stories have me crying. Yesterday we went for dinner and when I hesitated to order an appetizer (after he told me “No hummus. I’m not paying $7 for herbs on toasted bread.”) he said, “I buy whatever I want. Big screen TVs, laptops. Get whatever you want. I’m a baller.” Lord. He peppers all of his language with this sort of street talk that I simply do not understand. I kept asking him what he meant and he kept shaking his head at me. In a nutshell, he is a mogul in the making.

Kelli, Cody

Nothing makes me happier than having family close.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

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19 Responses

  1. Its so odd how different you guys look. Like I’d never mistake you for brother and sister.

  2. As an only child, I am officially jealous that you have such a cool bro!!

  3. You two look great…I love that brother & sister bond.
    Enjoy your time together & have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Have a fantabulous weekend, you two cuties!

    (And I agree with your brother about the ordering hummus thing. I can smash up my own chickpeas, thankyouverymuch! If I’m getting appetizers, it’s going be something I can’t make myself!)

  5. Oh – and my new mantra is “don’t sweat the street talk”.

    (because, have you met my son “luv dog” yet????)

  6. Have a great weekend!

  7. Have fun! I’ll bet it makes your parents happy that their adult children are friends. I hope for the same some day.

  8. aw! i hope my brother & i can spend quality time like this together in the future. we used to…but right now he’s a 19 yo punk! 🙂 have fun this weekend

  9. aww…have a great weekend with your brother. i have a brother that is just like that…can’t understand what some of his words mean…lol.

  10. Ha ha… here in Boston, we pronounce it “ballah.” 😉
    Have a great time with the bro!

  11. Happy Weekend!

  12. you two are so cute together. you look so alike!

    enjoy your weekend!!

  13. Aahh, you are making me homesick for my brother. We are 3 years apart, me being the bossy older sister, he being my “little” brother. Yeah right, he’s 6’3 and close to 200 lbs.

  14. The picture of the two of you is wonderful! I’m so happy you two can have this great visit together. I must be truly old because I don’t recognize his terminology . Have a blast (now there’s a term I understand)!

  15. Don’t worry about the language, “that’s just the way he rolls”!

  16. As a sister I just want to say that I’m jealous of the closeness you guys share. As a woman, what a good looking guy!

  17. he sounds hilarious…siblings are the best…have a great weekend with your bro.

  18. what a cutie. hope y’all have a perfect time visiting together.

  19. Oh so cute! I love my brother and I as adults – having fun and getting along. So much better than the years where I was (as someone above said) “the bossy older sister” ;). My bro confuses me too, but I think it keeps us younger! Hope you made lots of good memories. What lucky girls we are to have such cool sibs 🙂