Silver Lining

April 13th

Villa Montez

If you ever happen to find yourself in Tyler, Texas — might I recommend one of the city’s best restaurants: Villa Montez. Located in an old mansion on a hill, surrounded by incredible gardens, I watched the sun set over the city from a large patio. The wind blew through large oak trees overhead. Small white lights strung along the patio twinkled as dusk fell.

And let’s be honest: the guacamole was excellent and my colleague thoroughly enjoyed the salty margaritas.

Villa Montez

Villa Montez

And! The owner has a quirky sense of aesthetics. Apparently he takes it upon himself to paint gardening/animal watering bins with car paint. These bins are scattered around the gardens, full of tomatoes, onions and flowers.

Villa Montez

Villa Montez

My new colleague in Tyler said she knew the owner and would work on having one sent to my new home in Golden. Woo!

I can’t believe how much I fell in love with this little town. The people are exceptionally nice, it is small enough to feel quaint and the weather was delightful. I even enjoyed the 2 hour drive from Dallas through flat, green land full of long-horn cattle, grazing away.

I am really going to enjoy traveling there to work every couple of months.



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  1. Cristina rodriguez April 15, 2012

    Those bins are neat! My best friend used to live there and I fell in love with Tyler, TX.

  2. Finally I have some time to catch up with you lady! As always, a pleasure….. visit me for update (btw, I’m feeling really better)