Simple Gifts to Stitch: July

July 26th

Dear Finny,
When you announced the theme of selecting one of the children’s projects or making a project for a child, I was thrilled. I have so many wee ones in my life these days who I love to spoil. One in particular has a fondness for change. It’s gotten to the point that when there is money missing at his house, his parents automatically go to his room to ask Mr. Sticky Fingers where the dough is. Ha! I love that mischevious side. So I thought — why not make him the coin purse? He is 4, loves his money and loves his Auntie Kelli. I figured this would be a perfect crafting storm.

simple gifts to stitch July project
simple gifts to stitch July project
simple gifts to stitch July project

Alas, this project was not as easy as I had hoped. Working with vinyl isn’t so bad, but getting this darn coin purse to cup, as shown in the directions, is tricky. In fact, I never figured it out. Thankfully, my recipient isn’t terribly picky and I’ve already added a few copper friends to the gift to make him smile.

simple gifts to stitch July project
simple gifts to stitch July project
simple gifts to stitch 007

Believe it or not, this was created while sewing sober. I can see how you’d think otherwise.

I hope you and Bubba are having a fabulous adventure in Costa Rica. I can’t wait to hear all about it. And I really hope someone is there to care for the Magic Garden while you are gone. I am loving the gardening inspiration you’ve been providing with your daily jaunts and finds.

By the time you get home, I hope the Flickr pool is full of great projects and I can pick one for our winner. And I’ve got August’s theme selected and it is a challenge. Good thing you are on vacation resting up!


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7 Responses

  1. LOL. The only time I’ve sewn on vinyl was for boat seat covers and that was under the close supervision of my hubby lol.

  2. Yeah, I’m just impressed that you even attempted one of the vinyl projects, which scaresy me. Good to know about the lack of cuppability.

    And it’s only after reading your entry that I notice the “children’s patterns” clause of this month’s challenge. Idiot! My skimming eyes only picked up the dealer’s choice part, despite the fact that it was not even the highlighted portion. I’m going off now to wallow in my shame…. 😉

  3. Good for you for trying, and like you said, little kids aren’t so picky as we might be. I’ve never sewn with vinyl and goodness knows I have a terrible time sewing curves!

  4. That story reminded me so much of my Autistic son. Whenever money, or the jewels from rings are missing (Yep, my little hording dragon), I know where to look.

    No inhibitions on this kid. He just goes with the flow. Thankfully, he’s usually consistant on where he “hides” the goodies. I have to keep my good jewelry locked up because he loves jewels for some reason and will try to pop them out to horde them like a story book dragon.. Go figure.

  5. Well if you had problems with the cupability, then this is one project I am not going to try!

    I’ll stick to fabric coin pouches with a magnetic snap close.

  6. I think he’ll absolutely love this wonderful gift, Kelli. I admit I’ve been a slacker with the sew-along group projects lately as I’m trying to live somewhat in slow-time this summer, curtailing some of my normal hectic activities now that vacation is over. My sewing machine hasn’t whirred along a single inch in quite a while, knitting seems to be my most relaxing and soothing endeavor right now. I’ll get my sewing mojo back soon.

  7. gah, I am so far behind on this sew along. good intentions…. and vinyl is tricky.