Sisters in Spirit: Finding God Amidst Distraction

July 24th

Sisters in Spirit is a series of essays by a group of women who felt a spiritual perspective lacking from the steady stream of daily news.  They each agreed to carve space monthly on their blogs for a spiritual conversation.  The topic this month is how to stay focused on God among life’s distractions.

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I could write an encyclopedia on “life’s distractions.” In the last three months, I have: moved twice, driving some 7000 miles with little more than my dog, a couple suitcases and a heart full of hope, fallen madly in love, and started a new job – one I dreamed of for more than a decade.

I’m busy-busy. Our current to-do lists include life milestones that require every bit of energy we can muster. And yet we know that if we don’t involve God in all of this busyness, we will sail off course.

We will not meet our agreement with God as Christians if we allow busyness to consume faithfulness.

This means making time to pray. To read the Bible. To get up and get to church when you’d really rather just pull the covers over your head for the coveted and rare day of sleeping in. To willingly and joyfully tithe.

Practically, this means I eat lunch alone at my new job a couple days a week. I try to find a quiet spot at the cafeteria, or outside if I can burden the heat. I sit in the silence, feeling both unworthy and incredibly grateful for this time. Afterward, I have a sense of peace and often a newfound perspective on whatever issues of the day I’m mulling.

Jesus never said, “Be busy.” He did tell us to love God, and to love each other. With stacks of files on my desk and boxes to pack and unpack at home, I try to remember this.


I hope you continue this conversation by reading and commenting other perspectives on Christianity with my other Sisters in Spirit. Become part of the conversation:

Sarah is municipal attorney, mom to a toddler boy, and United Methodist’s pastor’s wife.  (She does not play the organ.)  She is a life-long Missouri girl with a heart for hospitality and social justice.  Sarah enjoys cooking, running, knitting and embroidery, reading, and playing in the sprinkler.  Sarah blogs at 

Bianca is a Navy wife from the great state of Texas (where she coincidentally currently resides), and she and her husband welcomed their first child in the fall of 2012. She has a passion for serving others, asking hard questions and sharing The Gospel with both her words and actions. Bianca loves Jesus, her hubs & her son, authentic friendships, traveling, making lists of all kinds, and trying new recipes which she blogs about on



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7 Responses

  1. Although I know He is with us always, I feel the best time to be with the Lord is when you are quiet and still. It is then when we can hear Him. Remember that saying… “Idle hands are the devil’s playground”…that is true about the busy part…when you are busy…you don’t have time to stray… But, my favorite psalm is Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God…”

  2. I’d say that distraction is something that we can all relate to — yours has just been on a more epic scale than most, lately! I think your practice of taking some alone-time at lunch is a good one. I so rarely just sit quietly with my thoughts or spend time in sustained prayer.

  3. “Jesus never said, ‘Be busy.’” A-to-the-men. Oh my word, such a simple statement, but such profound meaning. I’m sharing that with some friends and myself – I needed to hear it! I have a love-affair with “busyness” & I typically blame it on my Type-A tendencies, but really it’s just a lame excuse for me avoiding doing the hard things – like pushing the covers back on Sunday morning and going to church! Hoping you are able to keep finding some quiet time to connect with God when it matters most.

  4. Rhonda July 24, 2013

    You have been having “real” busyness for the past several months, not the made-up busyness so many of us fall into. I admire the way you have made quiet time for contemplation at lunch. And I agree with Bianca that your statement about Jesus never saying, “Be busy,” is profound. I will be saying that to myself very often in the near future!

  5. My heart caught when I read “unworthy,” as I wholeheartedly disagree. You ARE worthy, and lovely, and fine. Always.

  6. Great thoughts! We were just reading this morning about the children of Israel, how again and again they fell into idolatry, grumbling, complaining and longing to go back to Egypt where they were severely oppressed. God would ask “Have you forgotten?” It is not that they forgot that they had been delivered from Pharaoh, but the reason they were delivered, to be God’s chosen people. I agree with what Rhonda has said, you have had major distractions. For the settled, it is all too easy to get caught up in the business of the world, satan’s way to distract us from the important and essential relationship we have with God. Relationships require time, and I’m so glad to hear that you are making it a priority to devote that time to your relationship with your Creator.

  7. Your passion, commitment and abiding love for the world and those within it continue to inspire me. With gratitude.