Small Small Catch Monkey

April 27th

neck detail

I managed to sit down for a few hours yesterday to complete my April In Stitches assignment: the wide leg lounge pants with an embroidery theme. My inspiration for this month’s theme came directly from Not Quite Vintage’s awesome embroidered tanks. A simple, sweet and affordable way to spice up a $5 Old Navy find? Sign me up!

Small Small Catch Vacation

I have a girlfriend who has been going through a pretty rough patch of life lately. Thankfully, she and her husband are able to get away for a week on a tropical isle to refocus and refresh. Who doesn’t want some fun new jammies to take away on vacation? {I even busted out the lime linen water to iron these babies so they smell sweet and tropical.}

Jammies, complete

So, yes. I did cheat a bit in that my pants are not embroidered. But I did adapt the pattern — I used ribbon instead of the cloth drawstring. And wowza — Finny wasn’t lying — these babies are huge. I could wear the small and last time I checked, no one has ever called me small. Ever.


I’m plotting next month’s assignment — which will be posted May 1. What do you think of the wide leg lounge pants pattern? Your photos are looking mighty awesome.


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29 Responses

  1. Fantastic! And I nearly used that monkey on t-shirt for Aidin’s party instead of just the head shot (with bow). I cut my pants out last night and sized them up 1/2 in. vs. 3/4. Are you saying that my size 10 butt will fit in a small?

  2. Lime linen water for ironing? You never cease to amaze me, Kelli.

    (But, as someone who loves a crisply ironed garment? The idea is BRILLIANT.)

  3. LOVE IT! The monkey is too cute, and I absolutely agree — who wouldn’t want fun new jammies for a trip? Nobody, that’s who. You busted this out mighty quickly!

  4. Again, very cute. And lime linen water? Martha Stewart needs you for an assistant! Can’t wait to see what the next project will be!

  5. Super cute pants – you size small, you 🙂 I love the monkey. Your embroidery is getting better all the time – WOW!

    Oh, and I’ve already worn and gotten compliments on my embroidered tank – thank you!

  6. Ms Lala April 27, 2007

    Ok…1st you have got to stop making such cute stuff…my green eyed craft monster is getting pretty worked up…and 2nd I know how to embroider but I stopped because seriously how many pillowcases and hankies does one really need? I have now found something worth embroidering…I had no idea that embroidery could be more than granny pillowcases and aprons…I see a new horizon in my quest to be crafty. I no longer consider my embroidery skills (the only craft skill I possess thanks to my Nana) to be old and marmy. I’m off to purchase a truckload of tees and patterns to spruce up a rather dismal wardrobe!

  7. how do you have time for all your crafting AND work?!?

  8. Miss Kelli – Great embroidery (gotta love Sublime Stitching patterns)! Love the lounge pants, too. What makes them better is that they are such a thoughtful gift for a friend – lucky girl.

    My lounge pants are on my to do list for the weekend – waiting till the very last second.


  10. Kelli I love the pants and tank. I was thinking of making a shirt to go along with my pants. Goodness gracious me, I’m wondering if I’ll ever get these things done. I’m making a large and hoping they’re not too big!

  11. So cute, Kel. Since I happen to know the friend, I think she will LOVE them! The monkey is adorable. I had no idea you could embroider, too!

  12. I LOVE ’em! Nice work. SO cute.

  13. Soooo cute! That monkey is the perfect touch. Your friend will love having that for her trip!

  14. It’s a wonderfully-crafted and cute gift for your friend, Kelli. You’re such a thoughtful person.

    The lounge pants were an interesting project and the whole idea of lounging is luscious to me. I’m looking forward to May’s project.

  15. Cute tank! I love the pink and green. And the pants look so comfy 🙂

  16. Adorable colors, and that monkey!! Too cute. I adore wide leg pants. I wish they made jeans with really wide legs, so comfy. I wanted so much to do this month’s project, could it really be the end of the month already? Boo. 🙁 Glad that you were able to get it done though, and in such great colors!

  17. Love the colours, and the monkey is adorable. I’ve cut the fabric, but that is it, so far. There’s still 2 days left in April right?

  18. super cute! you are really making me want to start doing in stiches. oh geez. may will have to be a fresh month!

  19. hey, what a sweet & generous thing to do for a friend – love it! great colours, too. 🙂

  20. What a super cute little monkey! 🙂

  21. What a fantastic pre-trip gift. Lucky chum!

  22. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you are such a good and caring friend – I know these darling jammies will be received with much love and thanks!

    (and could your monkey be any cuter???)

  23. Love the monkey tank. Very adorable. And great fabric choices. The bottoms are very refreshing and fun.

  24. super cute girl!

  25. love love that monkey! so cute! and the lounge pants look great. what a perfect little set for a vacation.

  26. You’re amazing…so talented in so many areas. The monkey is adorable!!!!

  27. Could this be any cuter! Awesome Kelli!

  28. OMG those are too cute – I want a pair 🙂 lol