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January 23rd

heart envelope how-to

Martha Stewart February 2007 issue? One out of five bananas, absoloodle. While she’s got a great shortbread recipe and a few cute valentine ideas, there is only one thing spectacular in this issue and it is this crafting table.

dream craft station, MSL Feb 2007

Yeow! Awesome. I’d love to have a space like this one day.

Real Simple February 2007 issue — three out of five bananas, absoloodle. I liked their jeans review and their feature of couples offering their marriage advice.

jeans review

Otherwise, I didn’t fall over backward for this one either. (Maybe I’m too harsh a critic.) I did cut out a bunch of new vegetarian recipes that look pretty good.

roasted root veggies
warm lentil salad

I did enjoy both the November/December and January issues of Country Living. I even pulled out a few ideas for my domestic bliss folder. This magazine makes me dream of restoring an old home in Tempe — in a county island — where I can have a huge front and back yard and a teeny tiny chicken coop with a few birds, a couple huge dogs and a giant vegetable garden.

How cute these would look on my kitchen windowsill

And these on my kitchen windowsill.

In the meantime, back to my bookshelf…


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  1. Oh, I used to make that balsamic rosemary root bake thing alot! I still do sometimes. It’s really, really good…definitely try it. And it keeps well, and even tastes good cold. Hints: use any weird roots you like…my friend (also a root bake fan) and I have been known to use burdock, parsnips, jerusalem artichoke (or was it sunchokes?), turnips, golden beets, rutabagas, potatos, etc. Also, if you add a sprinkle of sugar or honey, it helps the veggies caramelize. Yum! Finally, I don’t know what temp. the recipe said to cook on, but you want at least 400. Okay, I’ll shut up now. I’m a root bake dork! (it’s so healthy and easy, though). =)

  2. I would probably be a lot more creative if I had a designated space to create in and I adore the herb garden in the window!

  3. Thanks for the MS review. I thought about buying it, but now I won’t. Thanks for letting me save my money.

    We have a chicken coop in our backyard. We live “in town” so I don’t think we can have chickens, but I guess they could 130 years ago when our house was built.

  4. Best jeans ever…THE BUCKLE baby! They help you find jeans that REALLY fit your shape well.

    BTW, that craft space has me drooling. I WOULD love to have time to craft and have my own private me space. Maybe when the kiddo is in college. LOL!

  5. I would love that lentil recipe! I’m trying to do more with lentils for vegetarian meals these days…

  6. omg…if i could marry a craft area it would be that one! i’m so mad. i got a subscription to marty’s mag for cmas & have yet to receive my 1st issue. wah!

  7. Awesome crafting table! More to dream about. 🙂 And I totally agree, there is something super appealing about moving to the country and having animals, a cute old home, and plants on the windowsil. I have the plants, and am working on the animals. LOL!

  8. i want my windowsill to look like that! such good ideas!

  9. oh, that craft table… one day my ribbons will shimmer at me from a lovely organized row like that. yes indeed.
    i am eagerly awaiting a restaurant-owning friend’s husband’s shortbread recipe. i had a couple of experiments with it over the break that were really good, but this was *fabulous*.

  10. I want the cat that comes with the crafting table. He looks so soft and cuddly!

  11. the heart envelopes are so much fun! a few years ago, i bought a bag of dove chocolates, made up several heart envelopes, wrapped 1 chocolate/envelope. i popped that into another envelope and mailed. it seemed tedious, but people got a kick out of it.

  12. I agree with you on those. I was a total magazine junkie last year – didn’t subscribe, just bought on the newsstand as I was in denial that I was an addict :-). But I find magazines so hit and miss that now I just take them out of the library. My mom gave me a subscription to Country Living, though, which I generally like.

  13. love the planters for the herb garden.

  14. Jennifer January 24, 2007

    Try the shortbread with honey instead of sugar; the measurement is the same. Apparently different types of honey have different flavors, but I go for clover. Delish. May I also add my drool to the puddle around the craft table…

  15. I, too, found the Feb issues of RS and MS a little underwhelming. Except for the shortbread recipes, those are good. I think I’m over making valentines unless they’re cookies or something. I think the immediate shelf stocking of hearts and candy after Christmas that did me in.

    I need a holiday break!

  16. Jennifer (again) January 24, 2007

    I hate when I make a mistake! I am now duty-bound to correct it. Honey is NOT a straight substitution for the sugar in this recipe – try using about 1/3 cup of honey instead, and see how it turns out. Otherwise the dough will probably be a big gloppy mess since the honey is much more liquid than sugar. Or, just use the recipe I use: 1 cup butter, 1/3 cup honey, 1 tsp vanilla, and 2 1/2 cups flour. Beat butter, honey and vanilla about one minute, then add flour slowly. Press into mold or pan, then bake at 300 for 35-40 minutes. That’s all, and it is so easy and yummy. Apologies, and I will now retreat to lick my wounds (which taste of embarrassment, not honey).

  17. I didn’t renew my MS subscription this year, they are a repeat of older issue only not as good. That craft table for example, a few years ago she did the same thing in a hutch for people who don’t have a whole room. If I find my copy I may post it. I’ve kept all the magazines much to my hubbies chagrin…ciao

  18. Funny – I was browsing through those very magazines tonight at Barnes & Noble — with pretty much the same thoughts. And the jeans they suggested for me in RS? Over $100 bucks. Ya, right!!

  19. OK, so where were you when I was shelling out good money for these magazines, I should have read your reviews first! : )

  20. Oh my gosh – I would LOVE to have a crafting area like that!!! And thank you my dear for the FABULOUS surprise that arrived today!!! I LOVE THE CARDS!!!

  21. I LOVE that you share your magazine clippings! I’m a magazine buff so I so appreciate this.

    Glad to have found your site (through oliviadiane).

  22. i saw that same jeans article. but it seems like i couldn’t really get my hands, or hips on any of the brands listed. when you don’t live in the city….