So You Want Some Frida Too?

January 9th

Create Your Community

I smiled at the number of email I received yesterday reading, “Why doesn’t my Target/community/country have Frida Card Day? No fair!” Guess what? It easily could.

Follow these easy steps and you too can have an organized crafting community, no matter where you are:

1. Find a space. Maybe your church, local library, YMCA, local bookstore or Rotary Club has a place where you can meet.

2. Figure out what you want to create. Frida cards? You can find a slew of her stamps here. And here. This is a great paper resource. Visit your library for art books to have on hand for ideas. (You may also want to consider asking your local Target or Wal-Mart for funding. They have gobs of community dollars and are often looking for ways to spend them. If you have a multicultural art project you are presenting to the community — score!)

3. Send out an evite and let your friends know when and where to show up. (Or better yet, use your fancy new stamps to lure them to the event and send a simple postcard invitation.) Ask them to bring friends, paper and envelopes to share and their creativity. Post a notice at your office, church, bagel shop, gym, favorite craft store, bookstore.

4. Bake something sweet to share. Show up early. Set up your stuff and wait. If you organize it, they will come. And if you organize it, I want to hear all about it. You want Frida? Make it happen!

One of my resolutions this year is to create my community. Tomorrow night, I’m hosting my first “community” dinner. I’ve invited a bunch of friends, left it open for their friends to attend too and sent out a menu. I’ll have plenty of food and I expect plenty of great conversation in return. And then, we’re going bowling. I hope to do these sorts of meals once a week as a way to get to know my neighbors, mingle with new folk and spend time with the people I love.


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  1. Sounds like a fabulous evening you’ve got planned – I hope it is a smashing success!

    Thank you, too, for all the linky goodness to the stamps, etc.! Such fun….

  2. What a fantastic idea Kelli!
    And Simple Gifts is on its way to our house!

  3. I love that you love being part of your community. One of my favorite things about last year was that I felt part of a community that consisted of adults and kids. We all got to know new people, enjoyed spending time together, and look forward to many more good times. A group of us started the CCC which is the Carol Channing Club. We saw her in concert with Pink Martini last year and fell in love with her amazing personality and love for life. She married her junior high school sweetheart at the age of 82. We’ve seen movies together, gone out for dinner, but the best is when we each bring a project to work on and sit around and enjoy the company. Like so many women before us. Have a great time tomorrow night. Those stamps look really cool!

  4. Obviously I want to read about it, what projects you planned and what you eat…….

  5. Have you seen the Frida fabric collection? Sew Mama Sew has some

    hopefully that link works. If not the designer is Alexander Henry and the name of the fabric is “Viva Frida”!!

  6. What a great resolution! And any evening that ends in bowling can’t be bad…

  7. Wow you are ambitious; I used to have that kind of energy when I was younger. Now I have trouble putting together a once a month bridge party/dinner. Have a nice time…ciao

  8. Hi Kelli,
    Well, it goes without saying that if I lived in your neck of the woods, I would be there in no time flat! My Crafting Bee had a relatively small turnout, but everyone who came loved it, asked when was the next one, and thought the concept was much fun. Can wait to see your event photos!!!

  9. Carol Channing! I love her! Ever since she sang Jazz Baby in Thoroughly Modern Millie. (I also love Pink Martini.)

    I’m totally down with your ‘community’ resolution. Me too. Tonight I’m going to the Mountain View city council meeting to agitate in favor of the proposed new community garden whose proposed site just happens to be three blocks from my house.

  10. You make plans and you make them happen!
    Make sure you tell us all about your evening!

  11. That is so cool!!!! The Frida Cards are so awesome. Frida is my favorite artist by and large! I think maybe I need to make my way to the AZ more often. I was there in early December to try and salvage a relationship and it turned to disaster but this might be a good reason to hit up the AZ again =)!

    p.s. Happy New Year!

  12. You’re awesome!!!
    Thanks for the info and kudos to you for such a great community goal. Have fun!

  13. I love the giraffe stamp on the far right, so cute!

  14. love your Frida stamps, they are so cool!

  15. Community building is awesome! This sounds like what we do here with my friends and whoever wants to out “quilting-crafting” meeting on Sundays, we learn so much from each other and it’s a great support system, specially for new comers.

  16. What great ideas, Kelli! That’s somewhat why I hosted a Christmas Crafting Night party at my house in December. Time out for creative but fun to do with friends as I don’t alway want to do things all by myself.