Soup Season

November 12th

Soup season is back!

Soup season is back!

Soup season is back!

Soup season is back!

Soup season is back!

My grandmother has (had) a freezer full of Schwann’s food she will not eat; cuts of meat, frozen vegetables, chocolate pies. This was Leonard’s food, but he isn’t going to enjoy digest these meats from heaven. So, we have been. Little by little at each weekly visit, I bring home another box of frozen food. Our freezer, by comparison, is much smaller.

This weekend was the last haul and it included a 1.5 pound bag of frozen peas. I had a rotisserie chicken in the fridge that wasn’t going to be eaten in time, and a full, glorious day off yesterday to goof off around the house. The result: lots of homemade chicken stock and a huge pot of chicken and pea soup.

Never mind it is still 90 degrees here, and we literally turned on the air conditioning to eat our soup dinner in comfort last night: I officially declare it soup season!

Also, sadly after a brush with a burner, we will need a new immersion blender. Plastic gets melty so fast! Jeez.

Soup season is back!


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4 Responses

  1. I’m sure your grandma and Leonard are smiling in heaven, knowing that their thrifty granddaughter is enjoying the fruits of their freezer! (Gah — is it really still 90 degrees there?)

  2. A nice and good way to remember them………

  3. Yum…love soup!

  4. lol on turning on the AC to eat it šŸ™‚

    I made soup yesterday and have soup in the crock pot today. I love soup season!