South America: Food

September 12th

This week I’m just posting photos from the trip. I gained 11 pounds in three weeks — mostly from lack of exercise, drinking soda instead of questionable water, and enjoying way too much bread. Oh, the bakeries in South America, how my hips love thee.

*UPDATED* — Photo captions added. Sorry for the previous confusion. Yes, those are chicken feet!

The open air market of Tarija

The typical open-air market of Bolivia. This one is in Tarija.

Pretty and colorful corn.

Lemon pastries, Ecuador
Yummy lemon pastries.

chicken feet
Chicken feet. I’m not sure what they are used for, but I’d guess to season soup.

a thousand kinds of pasta
A thousand kinds of pasta, made right there in Bolivia. They love their carbs just like anyone else.

Paprika. One of the many bright spices sold by the kilo in the markets.

cookies and grains
Cookies and grains. I didn’t buy any of these because they were right next to the meat stand, which was swarming with flies.

chiles and spices
Chiles and spices. No, JT, this is not pot. I’m pretty sure it is oregano.

chicken in the market
Chicken d’jour, with the entrails hanging out for the fun of it.


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19 Responses

  1. – what the *HECK* kind of bird do those feet belong to?
    – what is the red powder?
    – are that pastas made locally?
    – I assume that is a giant bag of marijuana next to the dried peppers.

  2. Kelli, my dear, why oh why didn’t you post a warning about those chicken feet?!?! Whew that was icky. 🙂 The corn is beautiful though! Please answer JT’s questions above. I’m so curious!

  3. Good gawd those are some big chicken feet! They ARE chicken feet, right? Whoa.


  4. Chicken feet?? Ewwww!!

  5. I’m with the others. What do those appendages belong to?

    PS. I am enjoying all of your photos and travel stories. I live vicariously through you, since I have never been off the continent.

  6. Those feet look a little too human!

    Just look at the colors of the corn and the spices though… amazing!

  7. what the heck ARE those things????

    mutant human hands??????????????????

  8. Those are some big chickens! The ones here look like pigeons in comparison.

  9. dude- those feet TOTALLY look like old lady hands. YUM.

    and the people-pictures are really good (below)- what would you say to them in order to get their pic? i’m shy about just walking up to a stranger and asking to take their picture.

  10. Dear god. I’m SO thankful for our supermarkets.

  11. oh how i love markets! makes me miss traveling. sigh. but LOVE LOVE your paprika pic! stunning.

  12. I love photos like these (the feet were okay, the entrails, not so much – ick!) – I think they give a real feel of the detail of a place. You’re very talented Miss Kelli!!

  13. chicken feet in bolivia! we chinese eat chicken feet too. in fact there are a couple in the refrigerator right now. while i agree they are very creepy looking, they are delicious. and supposedly good for the skin — all that collagen!

  14. I’d give those chicken feet a pedicure, look at those crazy chicken toenails. Spoooooooooooooky 🙂

    I would have turned vegetarian in a heartbeat. Nice, nice photos though!

  15. Yummy! (Well chicken feet = not so yum) I think I would have gained 11 pounds too! I don’t blame you!

  16. Kelly
    My dad used to sell chicken feet in the meat market of his store. My brothers would chase me around the store with those things…..oh the terror!

  17. guts a little much. but AWESOME pictures

  18. And to think, I used to like chicken. Not no mo!

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