South Mountain

February 5th

South Mountain

South Mountain

South Mountain

South Mountain


Regardless of where we are living, I can always count on this buddy to want to go adventure. I am thankful we live so close to trail heads, and didn’t see any snakes.

Blerg. The snakes. I was at a luncheon last week and a woman sitting next to me talked at length about how many of her friends had recently been bitten by rattlers.

That will ruin a hike.

I pity the snake that messes with my hiking partner.


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4 Responses

  1. It’s so amazing that you have such great hiking spots so close to your house! Stay away rattlers!

  2. This might jinx me, but as many times as I’ve hiked at South Mountain, I’ve never seen a snake. I’m sure they’re there somewhere, but I haven’t seen one.

  3. WNM looks at home hiking. What a pretty view too.

  4. Snakes! Eek!

    I will not complain about my six feet of snow and two more feet coming tonight!