Southern Arizona Road Trip

Yesterday I logged 450 miles in my car, crisscrossing (jump! jump!) across Southern Arizona. I had four freelance travel articles I’m working on for the local paper, and a free day to gather a bunch of photography and interviews. Voila — a day with lots of coffee, lots of driving and catching up on podcasts, and several times when I caught myself feeling a bit like Nancy Drew, out on the hunt for a clue.
Here is a random assortment of photos taken during my day, including the two hours I spent with a nun at a monastery. Nope, that’s not a punch line. And no, I’m not Catholic. It was a peaceful yet unsettling experience.


Hotel Congress Coffee shop

Coffee shop at the Hotel Congress.

Hotel Congress Penny Floor

Floor made of pennies!



Copper queen sign with flowers
old door handles, hotel congress

I love the historic details in these old hotels.

TR room sign

St. David:

Virgen altar art
Sanctuary walkway
sun filled cross

That cross is gigantic — about 6 stories tall. Luckily, St. David has a population of less than 1,000 I’d guess. So no one is complaining too much about the showy monks.