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May 23rd

Jackie O inspired wristlets

Argentina had Eva, we had Ms. Bouvier. I sewed up these wristlets this weekend, inspired by Jackie O. If I had one style maven I could copy for the rest of my life, it would be a slightly updated Mrs. Kennedy Onassis. That woman had class, elegance and sheer beauty. Her wedding photos are stunning. Her fashion choices late in life are perfect. Even her children are about as amazing as genetics get. I think Mrs. Kennedy was lovely. I imagine you’ll see my love of all things Jackie shining through on a few domestic art projects in the next couple of weeks. I’ve gotten into polka dots, black, white, pearls and pink. Blame it on BackTack.

While she may not have gone for the lime polka dots, I can see her wearing the pink polka dot wristlet. She’d have black Oleg Cassini slacks and a pressed white blouse — open just enough to be alluring without showing too much skin. Her pearl necklace and diamond studs would shine, but not so much to draw attention. Her healthy dark hair would be blown out beautifully, not dramatically. She’d top it all off with the only things she did over the top — sunglasses and men.

I’ll never understand why President Kennedy cheated with Marilyn when he had the American queen at home.

These will be given out in the next week. I leave for Nicaragua soon and I’m going to stuff them with hair ties, toothbrushes and itty bitty Bath and Body Works samples of soap, perfume and lotion. This is all part of my international campaign to spread domestic art, pretty things, and sweet scents. I bet Mrs. Kennedy would fill hers with rosary beads, coins for children and photos of her own kids. Lovely, I tell you. The woman was incredible.


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  1. Kelli these are beautiful! And I totally agree that Jackie O was spectacular. Such grace, beauty & class. I wouldn’t associate those traits w/Marilyn either! What kind of work is taking you to Nicaragua? That sounds so adventurous!!!

  2. Stunning work Kelli! Love the pink & black colors…perfect choice.

    I love Jackie’s style too. One of my favorite photos of her is the one she’s wearing a simple black tee shirt with white slacks. Her hair is pulled back into a low pony tail, & she’s wearing hoop earrings. She always had that polished, timeless look.

  3. You are incredible too, spreading joy the way you do and making your own mark.

  4. Wow, those are absolutely stunning. How you will make someone’s day!

    (I just may have to steal that idea on my pending trip to Indonesia.)

  5. love the wristlets … again!

    so nice of you to spread your joy. you are making a difference in this world.

  6. the wedding dress i always imagined i would wear was made by her designer. i love her style, too!

    and i love the wristlets!

  7. I couldn’t agree more. I love the combos of fabric on these wristlits. More than that, I love what you are planning to do with them. 🙂 When do you leave?

  8. Kelli-
    You just amaze me! Your talents are endless.

  9. Those are sweet! I have some fabric to share with you, too — pink, black and white polka dots coming your way, my friend.

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