September 27th

El Pato -- the secret to a spicy meatloaf
Hatch chiles
Making meatloaf
Ready for the oven
Appetizer platter
Dinner appetizer

My mama’s fabulous meatloaf, with a layer of Hatch chiles through the center, El Pato spicy tomato sauce on top and a side of roast broccoli. Fresh bread, Petite Syrah and an appetizer plate with figs, pears, almonds and Dubliner cheese. A good meal, even better the next day as a cold meatloaf sandwich.

Thanks to the second pan of meatloaf, I am officially looking forward to bringing my lunch to work this week.


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11 Responses

  1. Yum! Looks like you have some of that cheese Heather loves.

  2. Oh yum ! I love meatloaf sandwiches.

  3. Yum, Kelli!! That plate looks mediterranean-licious :o)

  4. yuuuummmmo 🙂

  5. I just have to tell you that I love reading you. Your … uh … blog, that is. You inspire me to be a better person and to do better things with my time. Plus, pictures of your food make me want to cook! But I despise dishes so could you, maybe, weave a magic spell to make my dishes do themselves? No? Oh well, worth a try. But I want all your recipes now, too. For shame! Trying to mooch recipes from a complete stranger …

  6. Tina in Duluth September 28, 2008

    That looks delicious!

  7. It is high time I made this meatloaf. I do remember how good it was. YUMMY.

  8. Delicious. I’ll have to try your mama’s recipe that way now. Looks like you didn’t precook the meat in this one??? Enjoy your lunches this week! Yummy!

  9. Boy is my tummy rumbling!

  10. Wonderful food photos!