Spinning Gold

December 30th

My friend Juliann borrowed an old sewing machine a few years ago. She returned it recently when cleaning out her house for a move; along with my old trusty Singer, she gave me a box of sewing items she was no longer interested in. The basket had fabric and patterns and thread and I was delighted to take it off her hands and put it all to use.

I used her material to make my Christmas gifts this year — namely pot holders and embellished flour sack tea towels (my favorite kind.)

Christmas sewing

Christmas sewing

Christmas sewing

After making ten sets of these, I am still really, really bad at bias tape. You would think that kind of practice would produce at least one pot holder without wonky edging, and you would be wrong.

Easier, I made a  few drawstring travel lingerie bags for girlfriends regularly on the road:

Christmas sewing

Christmas sewing

My intentions for handmade Christmas are always so consistently grander than what I am able to actually produce. Maybe just maybe one of these years I will start my grandiose plans in, say, January. Or — just buy gifts like a normal person.

Oh to find that balance between gifting t homemade and not overestimating abilities and budget.


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  1. Ugh, I hate bias tape. The potholder I made for you a million years ago was edged in regular fabric, and even though it’s a little fiddly to cut out, it’s so much easier to sew. I always think I’m saving time by buying bias tape, but it always ends up looking bad. So, whatcha making for Christmas 2014?

    (If it makes you feel better, I started knitting a hat for Matt on Dec. 22 and finished it at 4:30am on Christmas morning.)

  2. Oh man, holiday plans always seeming grander than they turn out to be. I have this problem so much!!!

    In fact, I still have several things on a list of “must make by xmas” that are not done, because … because I want to give everyone all of the hand knits!

    The Yarn Harlot has a spreadsheet she keeps up throughout the year, and makes like one present each month to put into a box under her bed so come December at least some of her holiday crafting is already done. I love this idea, and plan to do this each year … hasn’t happened yet, but maybe this year?!

  3. You make and give fabulous handmade gifts! One of your many charms!

    Did you look at this? http://angrychicken.typepad.com/angry_chicken/2008/03/bias-tape-tutor.html

    I don’t sew it properly, but haven’t done much practicing on anything besides quilts.

  4. Handmade is always the best

  5. You made some lovely gifts! Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

  6. When you find balance, let me know where to get some!