September 10th

There is a quilting store next to my favorite sushi joint. I’ve stared through the window drooling at their beautiful bolts for years and never once made it in time to shop. The sushi restaurant opens late and it isn’t in an area of town I’m regularly running other errands. But Wednesday! Well, Wednesday 3 Dudes Quilting was open and I broke every single “I-will-use-what-I-already-have” promise I’ve made to myself and went a little wild.




One of the dudes was cutting fabric and showed us his latest quilt. It was very sweet and it makes me happy to think there are small businesses still thriving in these crazy times.

Three cheers for the indies!


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5 Responses

  1. Oh my – that pink dandelion fabric … and the coral colored one next to it … wow!

  2. Ooooooooo. Fabric.
    PRETTY fabric.

  3. Gorgeous fabric choices Kelli! And I love the name of the quilt shop. Great to see a group of guys succeeding in a generally female business.

  4. Good for you! Beautiful choices!

  5. Sometimes you have to indulge yourself…….