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January 23rd

I swam with my new team this morning and it is going to be worth every penny. While I loved my YMCA team, it hasn’t been the same since my parents moved to Texas more than a year ago. Swimming used to be something my dad and I would do together a couple mornings a week. Since they moved, the team has fallen apart, the coach quit and I’ve been swimming by myself most mornings, plodding along and cursing Texas. (I kid.)
In contrast, the new pool and facilities are superior. There were 40+ people in the water and two coaches. Motivation and energy were splashing into the gutters with each flip turn. Swimmers were overly friendly and complimented my workout after I pulled my exhausted heap out of the pool. I haven’t felt this excited about swimming in many years. The workout was brutal and I should be back to my high school swimming shape in no time. Sweet.


life is good hat

In other news, how cute is this hat? Mini has inspired me to learn how to cable. I watched a video yesterday on the technique and I think I get it. She’s going to help too. I’m adding this to a few other knitting projects I’ve got up my sleeve. (Never mind the hat is on clearance for $6 and the yarn I just ordered cost quite a bit more.)


Tonight I’m playing Ultimate. Woo hoo! Spring season registration is open for anyone interested. Even if you are clumsy, not so fast and don’t know the first thing about frisbee (ahem), it’s a great group of people who love to run around and drink a good bit of beer — sometimes during the game, which only adds to the entertainment. I’ve found they enjoy the occasional baked good as well.


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  1. Sarah HB January 23, 2007

    Have fun tonight!

    Also….none of us knit to save money! IT is a hobby the costs us money!

    Cute hat! If you have problems with cables, call me and let I’ll talk you through it.

  2. congrats on the swimming. sounds fun (in a grueling, torturous kind of way). πŸ˜‰

    and good luck with the knitting–love that little hat!

  3. That hat is the cutest! It would be perfect for the weather we are having here… one more thing to add to my list of “to learn”! πŸ™‚

    And anytime you want to go to Cabo, I am willing!! LOL! Have fun playing Ultimate, and congrats on the swimming!

  4. I do love beer and running around. πŸ™‚ Too bad I live in BFE.

    The hat’s adorable, but you know it’ll be 90 by next week again… j/k πŸ˜‰

  5. That hat is so cute. I like the “life is good” gear. Congratulations on the swimming.

  6. So glad that you’ve found such a great new group to swim with (and little do they know yet how lucky they are that you’ve chosen to join them!)

    Cute project – and you should have fun with it. Cables are easy-peasy – they only look difficult. (I do recommend the use of a cable needle. They’re cheap, and they make it easier….)

  7. Your new swim team sounds very inspiring. I swam laps alone during college and have never found it as motivating as practicing with a team. Granted, there’s no shame factor when you ditch out before you’re done with your last 500, but you know…

    I’m totally addicted to cabling and that hat looks like a good way to get rid of some scrap yarn. I might have to attempt one. Even though I barely wear hats. I’ve got a cute cable scarf going up soon though – One Skein Wonder baby!

  8. You are a brave girl…I’ve seen cable knitting on “Knitty Gritty” and I think I’ll pass.

  9. cute cute! i need to learn how to do that!

  10. That looks like a cute hat… can’t wait to see your version of it. πŸ™‚

  11. I’m happy you found your swimming enthusiasm back again!!

  12. Cabling is one of those things that looks so absolutely impressive, but is really, really, ridiculously easy. Good stuff.

  13. Cable knitting isn’t that tough–I taught myself and I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it. In other news, I think I’m burning calories just by reading your blog. I have a feeling that come October as long as I keep reading all your posts, I will be able to polish off one of those 3 kilo jars of Nutella I’ve been praising so much lately. Your blog has such unexpected benefits!

  14. Ooo, that is one cute hat. What yarn did you get for the hat you are going to make?
    You must be able to eat just about anything you want what with all this physical activity!