Spoon Full of Sugar

August 27th

Today is the 45th anniversary of one of my favorite movies of all time — Mary Poppins. Oh, sing it with me, “Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down… in the most delightful way!” If you haven’t seen this movie lately, it’s worth a trip down supercalafragalisticexpealidotious lane, snapping your fingers the entire way.

Love that red ribbon

Makes me think of the islands

Summer joy

Remember her amazing carpet bag full of tricks? Or when she brews up a strong wind to blow away all the other nannies so she can arrive on the doorstep as the only choice? Who doesn’t want to have the power to get rid of the competition? Or the confidence to pull out a measuring tape only to know you are just right exactly the way you are. If you’ve seen 500 Days of Summer, the blue bird scene — one of my favorites — is directly lifted from good old MP. Oh, that Mary. She really was practically perfect in every way.

Wonder and magic to all,


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18 Responses

  1. That red ribbon? I’m using an identical dark brown with aqua stitching to decorate a hat box tonight at my craft night! Identical! Michaels?

  2. Oh – and I LOVE that fabric!

  3. I love the penguins’ dance with Dick Van Dyke!!!! (my kids also love it- 12 yrs old, and 20 yrs old boys laughing like crazy!)
    Beautiful Bag, Kelli!!

  4. Oh, and the part where they laugh their ways up to the ceiling!!! Hahahaha!!
    (You can see this is one of my favorite movies)

  5. Another beautiful bag. Love all the bamboo-handled bags you’re making this summer. (Cheers to Mary Poppins!)

  6. Great movie, I love it. When I was little I wanted a carpet bag, just like Mary Poppins. I was also looking for the umbrella that would help me fly too.

    Another great Kelli original!

  7. On of my favorite movies ever, as well! My first cat had siamese-ish markings – I named her Chim-Chim because she looked like she had fallen down a chimney. I also loved sharing the movie with my goddaughter when she came to my house for a sleepover.

  8. I love the combined animation/live action. Have you read any of the original books by PL Travers? MP is quite different in them, but the magic is the same. Ah, life would be so dull without magic.

  9. Love Mary Poppins…saw the Broadway play last year in NYC and it was just wonderful!! Adorable bag Kelli…perfect in every way!!!

  10. I want to be Mary Poppins when I grow up!! For Halloween, at least, if nothing else..I read a very cute, sweet, young adult book that incorporated MP this summer: “My Most Excellent Year”–if you need something fun and light to read sometime, I’d recommend it πŸ™‚

  11. Love the movie. LOVE the bag!

  12. Mary Poppins was my first favorite movie. And it still is a favorite! Cute bag!

  13. MP was my daughter fav when she was a child, the tape was ruined in no time! I had to buy new copy because she always wanted to see it! Now she doesn’t watch it so often, but a while ago she bought the dvd…..

  14. Ops I forgot….you didn’t reply to my mail about your bags, pleas find a minute to do so. Thanks.

  15. oh so cute! loving the warm colors. πŸ™‚

  16. My girls (3 yrs) love that movie! My mom said it was my favorite. File this away for when you have kids but classic musicals are great for little kids. The Sound of Music is called “Frog in Pocket” at our house – remember the scene when the children meet/welcome Maria? The King and I is called the “Scarry Dance Movie” – they love the play near the end.

  17. When my mom worked in Special Services at MCC one of her workers used to call her Mary Poppins because she was ‘practically perfect’. ha! Fitting I think.

    LOVE the colors in this bag. They’re so happy!

  18. Oh Mary Poppins was always one of my faves too! I had a ceramic doll that played “A spoonful of sugar” that my parents used to wind up for me every night when I was little! πŸ™‚ Such great memories…