March 24th

Spring in Phoenix this year means a new sunscreen that is fantastic, orange, turquoise, lots of white, lots of eyelets, sandals and mixing in thrift store scarf finds to add pops of color:

Spring style

Spring style


I’m also loving this dress, with the belt and shoes– but with any luck it will be 60% off come May. And this bag. Oh, how I love a pretty bag.

And… I’m tempted to go back for this ridiculous all-sequined peach shirt that I talked myself out of. Frankly, I have yet to require an all sequin peach shirt in the last 34 years, but you just never know. It is kinda crazy-pretty.

probably crazy

(Pay no mind to the sports bra or yoga pants. I was multitasking between errands. You know how it goes: gym, wash car, pink sequin top shopping, grocery…)

What are you wearing this season?


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3 Responses

  1. You are so cute!!!

  2. Pretty positive I need to acquire that necklace and those turquoise sandals immediately!! I just got hooked up with this beautiful maxi dress from eshakti.com (I know it sounds like a paid endorsement and all but you would ROCK this dress): http://www.eshakti.com/Product/CL0030485/Vibrant%20floral%20bib%20front%20maxi%20dress

    I also bought some super sparkly sandals from Target and a bright purple cardigan. I say go back for the sparkly top šŸ™‚ YOLO!

  3. Cute, I need some serious wardrobe make over. I just love my capri pants and v neck t’s and always end up back to them lol.