Spring Redux

April 3rd

Dear Finny,
Lady, if I haven’t said it lately — you are amazing. Look at you rocking that 10k! And you did so in style! I love it. You are just awesome and I am so proud of you. A runner and a neighborhood negotiator. Seriously Finny — you are one talented dame!
Have you seen the beautiful collection of clutches created for the In Stitches March sew-a-long? I don’t know why I am constantly surprised by the creativity of others; y’all regularly wow me with your thoughtful projects. The fabric selection, adaptations (everyone hates Velcro, and everyone loves straps), the colors. I feel Spring in the air.
Our randomly selected winner for the March assignment is: Junie Moon.

March In Stitches winner

Tell me this doesn’t look like one of those cutouts from In Style magazine where they match the dress of the season with the accessories. So nicely done June! Check your mailbox next week for a prize.

Speaking of Spring and Amy Butler, I received the envelope of patterns this weekend. Included were the Frenchie Bag, Barcelona Skirt, Blue Sky Hat and Stash and Dash bags. {That sound you hear? It’s my feet dancing about in circles as I swing my hands above my head in happiness. Woo hoo!!} We’ll have to conquer these patterns together and share our feedback. I’m thinking that Barcelona Skirt is going to meet my New Year’s resolution of sewing my own clothes.

{I had a revelation the other day that soon enough I’m going to be the stereotypical hippie: a recycling-crazed vegetarian who sews her own clothes, would rather bike than drive, carries a Nalgene bottle just about everywhere and prefers homemade to store-bought any day of the week. Sweet veggie burger sandwich!}

My feedback for the March assignment: while I love the clutch shape, the original pattern is huge. Wowza huge. So, after chatting with Ms. Make it Snappy about this, I thought to put the pattern pieces on the copy machine at a 60% reduction. Voila:

In stitches clutch, mini

A much more appropriate sized clutch for the casual brunch in a sundress. This will hold car keys, cash, a driver’s license and some lip gloss. Parfait as they say! What’s the April assignment?

in stitches clutch, mini version, inside


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21 Responses

  1. I am so tickled to be your March winner! Thank you so very much.

    Reducing the pattern to 60% is a positively brilliant idea. I’m definitely going to try that smaller size version of the clutch. Your spring clutch is so pretty and certainly invokes all that spring represents–a fresh new start.

  2. Hey, you did it! Such sassy pretty colors, too.

    Sounds like you hit the pattern motherload – woo hoo! Keep us posted on how those come together, ok?

    And, p.s., congratulations to June! Her work is always so beautiful, and amazingly coordinated. Yay!!

  3. Pretty clutch. Great idea reducing the pattern. I’ll have to try that after I get a few more things checked off my crafty to do list.

    So cool about the Amy patterns!! Lucky you πŸ™‚

  4. You are so wicked smaht. Reduce pattern on copy machine? Of course! That makes perfect sense! I love love love it.

    I am going to go oogle the Flickr pool and decide on April’s project now…Everyone come over soon.

  5. I looked up the Barcelona skirt and loved it. Amy Butler is new to me, but now she’s bookmarked. And I was also inspired by her fabrics. Yes, in between my dating silliness, I really do know how to sew my own clothes! Hope you are well. I miss your blog and know I should read more often!

  6. Reducing it on the copy machine! How smart. That would make a wonderfully perfect clutch size.

    As for the patterns, lucky you! Hope to see a nice skirt out of you!

  7. Kel-
    love the sassy small clutch and the colors are so spring!

  8. Brilliant idea, and great clutch! And yes, Junie Moon’s amazing work and stylistic photos make her more than worthy of the prize.

  9. Nice choice of the winner, it’s a really nice ensemble, congratulations June!

  10. Very, very cute!!!! Congrats June!

  11. 60% reduction, brilliant!!

  12. Your clutch is fabu! The colors make it one of those things that make you smile just looking at it.

    Congrats to June too!

  13. cute little clutch. it does look like the perfect casual size.

    that barcelona skirt pattern looks great. i had not seen it before. it’s very tempting. very tempting.

  14. you are a hipster hippie! granola with style πŸ™‚
    and brilliant re-sizing of the clutch… i was having the same issues! i have been fiddling with a shoulder strap for it but the smaller size is very cute… a bit smaller and some wristlet action could be happening too.

  15. Michelle April 4, 2007

    love that smaller clutch, can’t wait to see what those new patterns look like.

  16. Ms Lala April 4, 2007

    That last clutch looks divine…a yummy sorbet number to be carried to garden parties, real estate viewings, and where ever else one would need that punch of color to keep from flying off of sanity’s ledge. Can you recommend a tutorial for this craft challenged Lala? I am almost certain that swooning for a clutch won’t get me one made! Lol

  17. Love the clutch! It is gorgeous!

  18. Love the smaller clutch. That fabric is gorgeous. It would look great with some yellow wedges. And a sundress, of course.

  19. As long as you don’t smell like a hippie…!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Another great bag Kelli! Great idea to shrink it down & that fabric is so happy…love it πŸ™‚

  21. Sweet veggie burger sandwich, indeed!