I’m very hesitant to share, but can’t help myself. Lean a bit closer and I’ll whisper my secret.

I know. I know. I’m probably going to jinx myself, but want to hear it anyway?


I thought so.


Here it goes: this first Denver winter? Please. Not bad at all. No need for all wheel drive. I didn’t even buy a snow shovel. And that whole, “Denver has 300-plus days of sunshine!” thing? It is the truth and it saved my butt. I’ve got a bit of a seasonal depression thing. Without enough sunshine, exercise and time outside — things fall into a dark place rather quickly. But Denver? Well. It has been very good to me so far. It is beautiful. The mountains are so close. The people are kind. And the trails are fantastic. I have spent more time outside in my snowshoes or hiking boots in the last few months than I can count.


Mountain life is active, healthy and just plain fun.

And yes, as Mini said last week on the Twitters: All my talking about how much I love living here is like showing off your new (hotter) boyfriend in front of her old (skin cancer prone) boyfriend and all his (douche baggy) friends.


Dear Phoenix, I will always love you. And be back for a visit soon. You are, after all, housing my dearest (non douche baggy) friends.

Now, let’s just hope there isn’t a freak late-March storm that has me locked in my house for a week eating kibble with Nelson. Then again, this might be a route to being bikini ready I hadn’t previously considered…


6 Replies to “Spring?”

  1. Ooooh boy, I hope the snow clouds don’t read this! You got off lucky with this mild winter- my first year here was full of snow. However, we’ve made it 4 years on two-wheel drive (with snow tires). We could still get big snow this month, though!

  2. Wow. Remember what happened last year when I was all, “Hey Winter! You’re over!” in, like, January? And then IT RAINED UNTIL JUNE.

    Yeah, not a good idea to tease Mother N like that.

    Though I do hope it brings in some snow. At least here in NorCal.

    Congrats on battling through your first CO winter πŸ™‚

  3. Oh dear, I don’t want to be a downer (more a “preparer”) but April is normally the snowiest month of the year here in Golden, Lakewood, greater Jeffco, etc. πŸ™ maybe stock up with some extra noms for yourself, as well as kibble for Nelson. πŸ™‚ but don’t worry; the grass and other green things will survive and come out in May along with the sun. My husband gets S.A.D. as well. Poor dude, poor you.

  4. Uh oh. You tempted it. March and April will almost certainly bring a storm or two your way but it’s good to know you can handle it. And remember, when you have a blizzardy day today, tomorrow will most likely be sunny and gorgeous to make up for it. Enjoy the beautiful state! We loved our time there.

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