June 10th

cooking spaghetti squash


cooking spaghetti squash


sauce ingredients

to be sauce

garden 'maters

Le squash

Bowl of veggie fabulousness

Le Spaghetti Squash

summer squash topping

Summer dinner: spaghetti squash from a community garden in Tempe, with sauteed vegetables — they weren’t so blurry in person.


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9 Responses

  1. DE-LIC-IOUS! Mmmm…you’re making me hungry for lunch. I’m tempted to take my fork to the screen.

  2. Food porn!!!!

  3. That looks delish. Your food photos are always so attractively done. I’ve tried to photo food before and it always looks like glop on a plate.

  4. The last photo might be blurry but it still looks delicious. I can’t wait for spaghetti squash to be in season here.

  5. Ooh! We have our first spaghetti squash on the vines now. So excited! You, of course, are to blame for my near-obsession with spaghetti squash, you know. I love it with the love of a thousand hearts.

  6. That looks fantastic! Way better than the pizza I made for dinner…

  7. I’ve never had spaghetti squash. Looks yummy though.

  8. what fabulous colors. i love squash.

  9. mmmmm…yummmmooooo:) I have made something similar to this with the addition of of some beans delicious!