January 20th

So, pigs went flying by earlier*, and I ended up squealing. Seriously, America? You couldn’t have made me prouder today. The millions gathered peacefully? Incredible. The general sense of awe and patriotism? Fantastic. The honorable new family moving into that great White House? Spectacular! (Although perhaps a wee bit color blind. Green shoes with a mustard yellow dress? Really? Otherwise Michelle, you looked truly Camelot.)

God bless the Obama family and the renewed sense of hope many of us are feeling. Let’s put this happiness and optimism to use and watch as this great man helps lead our country to new heights.


*um, yeah. The Cardinals? Super Bowl? Hell is freezing over, I hear. Maybe some of that cool weather will show here?

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  1. It has been a great week! Starting with that plane crash where everyone survived, Cardinals, and a new hope. I agree! Better days, I HOPE, are ahead of us….

  2. It was amazing- 2 million peacefull people in freezing weather watching the extravagant and yet simple transfer of power and no real incidents. AMAZING! No better example of what it means to be an American. My students were transfixed. As for the shoes… it was weird because I liked the gloves but not the shoes. Not sure what color would have been better.

  3. I thought they worked, since it’s not so much mustard as a yellowtoned eau de nil (though that doesn’t make much sense, but it’s still what I mean;)) so it totally worked in my book. Very tricky shade to get right, eau de nil.

    And I loved the benediction.

  4. Well, I have to say I liked the ensamble (dress and shoes and scarf and gloves) and the look in her eyes watching her husband swear. And the girls taking photos, just great!

  5. I am truly excited and feel a wondrous sense of hope with this new presidency. What an amazing future we’re facing in America.

  6. What an awesome day. The front page of our local paper (canadian) paper is a huge photo of President Obama with a great big smile. I’m sure there were smiles everywhere yesterday.

  7. I loved the green shoes and gloves! Not to mention everything else, of course. Yeah, America!

  8. I know, the Cards in the SB! How fun. (Did hell freeze over in AZ? hehee) And, I hope the new President turns out to be a good one. (I have my reservations, but I love this country and am optimistic!)

  9. When Mrs. O first came out in the morning, her dress definitely looked green to me. It only looked yellower as the day went on, so I believe it was a completely green ensemble and I loved it!

    I also liked the girls’ dresses, and thought the pink-and-red outfit was a daring color combination that totally worked.

    I was less enthused about Dr. Biden’s outfit. I thought the above-the-knee skirt and boots was too casual.

  10. Okay, let’s be totally shallow…the dress? Ugh. The color was great on her and that’s not an easy color, but way way way too dowdy. Too old. And not cut right at the hips. She’s a beautiful young woman with curves. Someone needs to do better with dressing her.

  11. Lilsmoak January 21, 2009

    I totally agree! I was not a fan of Michelle’s outfit. I just thought the matching mustard colored long jacket was a bit much! I am sure the mustard yellow dress underneath was beautiful, but the whole ensemble just wasn’t right.
    But then again, there was Jill Biden in boots that I thought were a little inappropriate for the occasion!
    I think they should both take some fashion tips from Cindy McCain. I think she always looks so classy, put together, stylish, and very age appropriate.

  12. wow!? i think this is the first time i’ve ever had to disagree! i LOVE the mossy green with the mustard yellow!

  13. and yeah, i agree with Lilsmoak, jill biden’s outfit was a bit too casual.

  14. It was SO INCREDIBLE to watch. Aren’t they just lovely?

  15. Dress color = Lemongrass

    She looked lovely.