SSS, or better yet, SOS

November 30th

secret santa, the beginning

Brown bag to be reused in the spirit of being green + international posting box. $37 for all countries, up to 20 pounds.

When Donna emailed in August asking if I’d be interested in a Secret Santa Swap, I thought, “Sure!” I didn’t have to mail anything until December and that seemed so far away. October was kinda busy. And then November rolled around and I got wrapped up in Urban Dares and ditching Ruby for a kayak. Even though Donna has got this international swap exceptionally organized and even kept us all up to date with postal delivery times around the world, I started sewing yesterday. It needed to be in the mail tomorrow.
Procrastination is how I roll.

pink and orange and happy all over
bag, after being jazzed up
secret santa pouch
secret santa swamp bag and zippered pouch

I wanted this gift to be artsy, but also earthy. I took a well-loved handbag I had and added some pink and orange love, paired it with a sweet zippered pouch and stuffed that international postage box nearly to my 20 pound limit. My recipient will receive chocolate, yarn, a design book, a journal, an ink pen, a quilted pillow case and a lucky giraffe in addition to the purse.

secret santa swap ready for the mail

Now, on to that holiday sewing I’ve been thinking about…

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8 Responses

  1. procrastination is how i roll too! the pink and orange is rockin!

  2. Too cute! You are every swappers dream partner!

  3. You might have put off your project a bit but look at the lovely results–your partner is going to love her package.

  4. I just finished stiching the lining in my gift for this swap:) As for the other goodies?? I’ll be putting a few things together in the morning and lucky for me one of my close by post offices stays open until 4 on Saturdays:)

  5. Wow! What a great idea. Looks great. I’m just getting mine all finished today too. Oops a bit late.
    Can’t wait to see what everyone gets.

  6. I sure wish I was as crafty and talented as you Kelli. Cute bag!